The first thing that came to my mind seeing Neha Dhupia here is the ‘Evil Queen’ from ‘Snow White’ or  ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Maybe she can star in her own version called ‘Sleeping Dhupi’ !!!!!   Haha, i kid ! But the red lips, the overload of blush, the messy eyes and the severely pulled back hair really make me feel like shes going to hand me a poisonous apple and give an evil laugh-‘Muahahaha’. The usually impeccable Dhupia definitely messed up a bit this time!

Cardinal Rule of Bright Lipstick: Choose a blush in the same color family!
Miss Dhupia violated the cardinal rule of red lipstick. When wearing any lipstick, specially red, make sure your blush is in the same color family-  with red think rose pink, ruby pink etc. If you go the peach way like Neha did it ends up looking like wayyy too much color on the face. Learnt this from one of my favourite makeup artists- Lisa Elridge!

I dont like the eyes either- i think the attempt was to make them brown and smokey but instead they just make her look tired and ill! Lets not even get started on the outfit-the only thing i can think about is – the evil queen becomes a nurse! Ouch!
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NAY for me! Not happening!

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