Oriflame Lash Explosion Mascara Review
If you ever get a job as a macara-namer, one thing you will have to remember is that mascara’s never have normal names.  Mascara’s always have exaggerated, over the top names that sound like they are in a battlefield : “Lash Blast”, “Colossal Volume”  and now Oriflame’s “Lash Explosion” Mascara!  With so many bombs and blasts, you would think they are weapons of mass destruction, not tiny tubes to make our lashes longer! 

Oriflame Claims
This new generation dual-ended mascara takes lash amplification to the next level – for the ultimate super-sized lashes.There’s black lengthening base at one end and black volumising mascara at the other end. The two work in synergy to create a dramatic Dual Shock Effect that gives you lashes like never before.

My View.
Oriflame Lash Explosion is a dual ended mascara with a lengthening wand and a volumizing wand at either end. Sounds like a girls ultimate fantasy right? Volume and Length at the price of one ??? Even Harry Potter would approve of such a wand!! Well, the fairytale kind of ends there:

Lengthening: The lengthening wand is like a regular round mascara wand, but with thinner bristles. This wand actually works pretty well and does give good length to the lashes. I can definitely feel my lashes extend  a bit, but somehow it doesn’t hold up the work done by an eyelash curler. After iv curled my lashes, this just seems to weigh it down and make them straight.
Volume: This is where it really fails miserably. The wand is a peculiar one- its a flattish wand with thick bristles on either of its two sides. I dont love application with this, because the bristles dont go all the way around the wand like a regular cylindrical shape, but are placed on either side of the flat wand. It doesn’t do anything on the volume front for me. After i apply the lengthening end, i cant see any difference once i apply the volumizing end on top.

I could have still dealt with having a good lengthening end, but the deal breaker for me is that the mascara flakes pretty badly. Considering this is a layering mascara, that is a total no-no. Specially once iv done my entire face, i dont want mascara snowflakes on my cheeks , thank you !  Also, the effect this mascara gives is very spiky and poky, not at all lush and real looking. Add to that the fact that it takes an abnormally quick time to dry (less than 3 months and its dry in the tube) and i dont think i would be purchasing it again!

Lengthening Wand

Volumising Wand

With the Lash Explosion Mascara

  Overall verdict: C

Product: 2/5 , Texture:2/5,  Longevity : 2.5/5,  Other (Packaging,Value):3/5

Price: Rs 390/- i think but i bought it at a discount

Will I Repurchase: No

Recommendation: Its a dual ended mascara that claims to give both volume and length, but really only delivers in the length department. What broke the deal for me is that it flakes, with bits of mascara falling on your cheeks , dries really quickly , provides pretty much no volume and makes lashes spiky.

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