Oriflame Eyeshadow Duo Review: Lady Lilac
In the past , when i used to be  referred to as a ‘lady’ or ‘woman’, i used to icily stare and correct that offender saying ‘ Its girl  okay’  .Lady , and Woman just sounded old and boring. But then Lady Gaga came along and made it cool, MAC showed us that Ladies can be fun too with its uber hot ‘Lady Danger’ Lipstick and the name of the undergraduate college that i attended (and adored) started with ‘Lady’ . So Lady didnt seem so frumpy no more!!  Yet another lady joining the party is Lady Lilac from Oriflame. She’s tiny and low maintenance and she likes color!!!

Lady Lilac -The Colors
Lady lilac has a split personality. Half of her is icy white lavender with a blue undertone and a pearly finish, but she also has a dark side. A deep eggplant purple which looks really gorgeous in the pan! Its hard to find deep purples that dont venture into the black territory but this is one of them!

Thoughts about the Quality
The lighter lavender shade is really silky and smooth to apply , and although it wont gel too well on dark skintones, paler pretties and medium girls  will be able to carry it just fine without it looking too chalky. The eggplant purple is a really gorgeous and versatile color but its  dry and stiff- you  need to dig your brush in to get it loaded with pigment because it just feels parched and not buttery- resulting in a patchy application.
 They are just about alright in the pigmentation department , but i recommend a primer under these– both to extend their wear (which is pretty poor) and to get the vividness of colors to show up. However, one must remember that these only cost some Rs 229/- so for beginners on a budget who are bored with Maybelline  Quads, this is a pocket friendly option.
The packaging is pretty neat- there is a rather funky flip top thing happening with black polka dots on a clear plastic case, and its small enought to stash in your bag. Whats also worth mentioning is that even though it looks tiny, you get a decent amount of product in those semi circles.

Overall Verdict: B-
Pigmentation: 3/5 , Texture:2.5/5,  Longevity : 2.5/5,  Other (Packaging/ Value):3.5/5

Price: Rs 229/-

Will I Repurchase: No

Recommendation: Had the deeper purple shared the silky texture of the lavender, this might have scored slightly higher.  These are just about okay in the pigmentation department and weak in the longevity deptt so i recommend you wear these over a primer: both to increase their wear and to get rich color. At the price they come at – for beginners on a budget they might be worth looking into.

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