The Award Season is on girlies !! Wear your hair up high, and put on your best cocktail dress, because YOU are the judges of the Beauty Awards 2011. Before you walk down the red carpet let me tell you that there will two sets of awards this season- one is the ‘Readers Choice’ Awards which you guys will vote for, and the lesser important ‘Mehaks Choice Awards’ which i will vote for! Come on !!! Cast your vote and make your favourite beauty brands and bloggers win!!

Please retouch on your lipsticks until   the form loads ladies.  It will take about a minute..Tick Tock! Also Please scroll down to the BOTTOM from the scroller on the form to click ‘SUBMIT’!

Scroll down !

That was the papparazzi taking the photographs of you – our superstar judges !!!
Make sure you scroll down on the form to click SUBMIT or your choices wont be recorded!!

Did you click SUBMIT????

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