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 Hiya Girls , My first post here after being a silent stalker! Winter beckoned and this time I was in mood for some experimenting.  As I was strolling in a store looking for a face moisturizer, i faced a familiar dilemma. I have dry-combo skin which looks flaky and parched after a wash, but most of the creams give me a greasy feel. Not a great combination from any angle !! . After a few duds i had almost given up but in came Ponds Active Moisture- and  I landed on firm ground.


Pond’s claims
 Winter dryness strips your skin of its natural moisture balance, making it look lifeless, rough and unhealthy.
 New pond’s active moisture plumps-up your skin with its ideal dose of moisture.

• Skin recovers its necessary hydration and radiates with glowing vitality.
• Uniquely formulated with an Active Moisture Lock Technology that effectively locks in the moisture deep within the skin layers*.
• See your skin look more vibrant from the very first application.
• Within 1 week, your skin looks healthier and flawlessly radiant !

Directions For Use:
Gently massage Pond’s Active Moisture on your face and neck in upward circular motions twice daily.
This is for all skin types – oily ,dry , semi oily or semi dry. Any surface works J


My experience
I never had a working relationship with Pond’s ever since i tried the Ponds Cold Cream whose smell and texture i hated! So why did i buy this? Well, it was 10 at night. They were closing down and I had just 2 minutes to pick something with the shop girls glaring at me. Dont ask me why of all the 24 hours I found 10 pm apt  to venture out for a cream, all you need to know is that is how this became an impulse purchase for me !
The +’s

·         Its light and soft. Seeps into skin like it was born to do so.I love the soft matte finish it leaves on skin.
·         Inexpensive @ 120/-.
·         Has a very fragile fragrance almost similar to lakme strawberry cream.Though it doesn’t last long
·         Has humectants . Glycerin is what I could make out.

On another note , this is laced with Titanium Dioxide which can be used as a Uv absorber as well as a thickening agent in cosmetics. So may I conclude it has Sunscreen properties ? Well, I didn’t want to assume a untold function and hence use my regular sunscreen.

The –‘s

·         Noticed the ingredients ? Quite a number down there. Has Parabens !
·         The tub in itself . Its heavy and God forbid if you have slippery and slimy hands it will slip and of course it will break !! It would have served the purpose in a slender tube too. No need to dip in and out.

Rating : 4/5 or A-
Price : 120/-

Recommendation : A must buy cream for its functioning alone. Great for winters- moisturizing enough but not greasy ! If you are wary of chemicals  stay slightly clear of this since the ingredient list is long!.

About the Guest Writer
Ritz is chartered accountancy and just gave her CFA exams (Which level girl, and best of luck!). Not only is she obsessed with beauty, this girl is also obsesssed with her car- can you guess which one she drives? You guessed it- a Ritz !! Welcome to the P & B family Ritz! Its going to be an interesting drive ;)

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