Written by :Guest Writer CSP Ballal

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Blush is yet another candidate from that respected crowd of Colorburst lippies !! .  The lipstick is a very muted, soft peachy pink that  is so subtle and delicate, it  seems like the shade is competing with the pinched look of blush on the cheek (Hence the name i guess!!)

Blush is a softer shade, so dusky girls might get washed out with this color – but its perfectly suited for paler girls, or for medium toned girls under a warmer lipgloss. Those with very pigmented lips may not like it much since its a very muted peachy pink shade, but apart from that its a gorgeous soft color! It sounds counter intuitive to say “Enjoy Blush on your lips” but thats exactly what you should do with this Revlon Colorburst Lippie!

Like other colorburst lipsticks, this too is pigmented , creamy with a nice formula. The texture is not drying, but i cant say it is moisturizing either. It lasts a good while on the lips, glides on comfortably and looks very sleek with the chequered patterns on a black colored lipstick package. They do have a wide squarish tip, so application might not be as precise as those with pointed tips, but i still love this range! Like other colorburst lipsticks this too needs 2-3 swipes for the full color to show, and the shade on the sticker is slightly darker than the real shade.With the colorburst lippies, its just a hunt for newer and newer shades!

Revlon Colorburst Blush Lipstick Swatch

Revlon Colorburst Blush Lipstick Swatch

Rating: 4/5  or A-             

Price: Rs.550

Recommendation: Enjoy the soft and delicate ‘Blush’ on your lips! Best suited for light to medium skin tones, this peachy pink is perfect for a soft and romantic look!

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Miss CSP Ballal is a revlon colorburst lipstick addict! Thats honestly all i know about her too! Its  Always a pleasure to have the mysterious Ms.Ballal on Peaches & Blush!

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