A Simple Smokey Eye Tutorial
Iv said it before. I cannot for the life of me pull off a good smokey eye without looking a panda, a pirate or a victim of domestic abuse (boxed eyes).  But since i love the allure of that mysterious black smokey eye, i dont ever stop trying (much to the chagrin of my mother who complains i turn all her new towels black while removing my makeup). Here is one tutorial i was semi successful at- its really the only way i know of doing a smokey eye and though i wish i had ‘smoked’ it out more and created more of a haze around my eye, im not totally dissapointed either. Hope you enjoy my simple smokey eye tutorial . If you do plan on wearing a black dress, or a metallic silver/ gold dress this would be perfect! (Btw, Rule number 1 of being a Delhi girl- no matter how freezing cold it gets, you HAVE to wear a dress on New years Eve and just ‘Make it Work”)

You will need (Apparatus if you may!):

  • A Black smudgy eye pencil :Im using Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
  • A Matte Black Eyeshadow : Im using the matte black from Sleek oh so Special Palette
  • A Brown Eyeshadow: Im using a dark shimmery brown from Nyx Brown Eyes Palette
  • A Black Liner: Im using Coal Mine from Colorbar
  • A silver liner (Optional): IM using Silver Hue from Colorbar
  • Brushes : Im using Vega Professional Flat Shader and Crease Blending  (PB6 and PB15)

Smokey Eye Tutorial Step 1:
Take the smudgy Black Eye Pencil and put it messily all along your lid. I say messily, because i am messy, you can obviously go neater!
Step 2 :
With a brush, smudge the eye pencil upwards so it covers most of your eye lid
Step 3: Place your matte black eyeshadow all over the eye pencil. You can cover your entire lid, but i didnt want the smokey eye to be very dramatic so i only kept it 3/4 of the lid
Step 4:Take the brown eyeshadow and place it along your eye above the black eyeshadow (near yr crease)
Step 5: Blend it!
Step 6: Blend more girl! Blend it like you would blend your iced frappe!
Step6 :Apply a shimmery black liner on you upper and lower lash line. Apply silver liner in the inner corner. Dont worry if it looks out of place, you wil soften it later.
Step 7: Blend the silver into the black liner with a liner brush
Add Falsies and you are done ! Yes i know my falsies are coming off. I cant for the life of me keep them in place for more than 3 seconds

FAQ: Im wearing Mac Hug Me on my lips, with Lakme Rose Shimmer Lip Liner

Quick tip about Smokey eyes: If you feel your eyes end up looking dead and gray with a smokey eye then use brown eyeshadow to blend like i did in this tutorial. If you use only black eyeshadows, when blended it turns into grey which looks really ashy and dull on indian skintones. An easy way to conceal that is to use brown eyeshadow and then blend. 

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