Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial: For Instant Glamour
If eyeshadows freak you out and come in your nightmares looking like giant intimidating disks of color, Worry not.  All that color, all that blending, all those brushes : it can get quite scary! So here is an easy eye makeup tutorial, using mostly eyeliners.

You will need
A blue liner (Im using Mac Siahi)
An emerald green liner (Im using Lakme Forever Silk in Jaded Mint)
A Black Liner (Im using Colorbar Coal Mine)
A Silver Liner (Im using Colorbar Silver Hue)
2 basic eyeshadows-a natural all over lid color, and a darker brown

Lets begin then, shall we,

Step 1: Apply a neutral shade all over your lid. Im using a neutral from Sleek Oh So Special. Yes i know, i use this palette everywhere!
Step 2: Take a blue eyeliner and apply a thick line- leaving inner one third free
Step 3: Apply Emerald Green Liner on the inner corner and shade into the blue
Step 4: To intensify the  look, take a black pencil (Im using a shimmery black),  just outline the blue liner on the outside and place a bit of it in the outer corner
Step 5: Line your waterline with the green liner
Step 6: Apply Silver Liner on the inner corner
Step 7: To add depth to your eye, take a dark brown eyeshadow and just blend that into outer corner and crease. This is totally optional
Step 8: Go Parttyyyyy!!!! (Oh and add false lashes/ mascara!)
Left: Before, Right: After

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