Bridal Lehenga Shopping in Delhi

 Mothers and their twisted Funda’s ! (*Rolls eyes *) This was going to be a super fun post, with pictures of my own Bridal Trousseau (so far i have about 6 sarees , 5 suits, and 1 gown )but then my mom put her big punjabi foot in the middle and spoilt my plans (She will kill me if she knew i called her foot ‘big’ – shh dont tell her ). She says you are not supposed to show other people your Trousseau (much less put it on your blog), because it can bring bad luck and evil eyes :(  . I tried to give her a perfectly logical arguement about how the evil eyes will be blocked by the  computer screens and wont be able to travel over the internet and into my life, but she just looked at me like i am crazy. So well, you will only have to do with my advice and information about Lehengas for now.

Bridal Lehenga in Delhi
  • Frontier Raas South Ex(Sale is on August- September) : This is actually where the  Bridal lehenga  i liked the most is from.The range starts from 60K and goes up to about 4 L. The best thing about Frontier is, that even for Lehengas around 60-80K mark, they dont just create a mish mash of cheap swarovski. They have styles of gota-patti work ,kundan work, sequin work and the styles emulate a lot of Sabyasachi , Manish Malhotra & Anamika Khanna.  They claim that the same workers work for them, but i dont know! The thing is, you need to sit here for about 1 hour..they somehow only show you the good stuff if they know you are serious. In the first half hour, i was ready to leave after looking at all the mediocre things, but then suddenly in came all the gorgeous lehengas! What i also like about them is that they dont compromise on the ghera (flare) of the lehenga. You get your full 24 kalis. 
A Bridal Lehenga from Frontier Raas- I actually tried this one but it was out of budget(2 lakhs) and tooo heavy for me!

My red and blue bridal lehenga was from Frontier Raas


  • Dolly J (Rewaaz) Defence Colony : Before you start thinking that Dolly J sounds like a designer name that will be exorbitant let me tell you- you can score a gorgeous Dolly J lehenga for as little as under 1 Lakh rupees. She has now moved from Hauz Khaz to Def col but I love her outfits for sangeet and specially her unique jacketed blouses are sure fire winners! You can view more Dolly J outfits and her contact details on our Bridal Gallery here



Real bride arti (featured on Wed me good blog) bought her lehenga from Dolly J and it only cost 75000 ! Love it.

  • Frontier Bazaar karol bagh

They arent the same thing-frontier raas and frontier bazaar and have totally different collections !!! Frontier bazaar too has some absolutely gorgeous pieces and is slightly cheaper than Raas though their variety is limited. One thing- it is very stock dependent, sometimes the stock is gorgeous and sometimes there is very little stock but you need to go there and see if you find a bridal lehenga that you absolutely love !


Our Real bride Neha wore her bridal lehenga from Frontier Bazaar ! She customised it as well- so it was red and baby pink! See more of her photos shot by Ashima Suri Photography on the Wed Me Good Blog (you should be following that blog religiously!)

  • Chandni Chowk (Bargain, Bargain, Bargain) :  If you want to read a seperate guide about shopping specifically in Chandni Chowk, also check out my Bridal Lehenga Shopping on Chandni Chowk article on my new blog

Get off the Chandni Chowk metro station and you will be attacked by ‘Lehenga Agents’ who will want to take you to their favourite shop from which they can get a commission. Chandni Chowk has lehengas for as little as 10K, some gorgeous options at 50K and even go upto 5L ! The biggest and most popular place to go in to Chandni Chowk is a shop called ‘Om Prakash Jawahar Lal’ spread across two floors. They have an UNBELIEVABLE variety of things : specially if you are into swarovski work, but since its the most well known shop in Chandni Chowk, its one of the more expensive ones (though still cheaper than non -Chandni Chowk Shops). I found a super pretty Orange and Pink lehenga for about 65K here, the only issue with them is that in the <1 L range, they compromise on the flare. So you wont get a 24 kali kehenga, but maybe a 14-18 kali lehenga. Apart from O m prakash, enter any small time shop (I entered Arjan Singh & Tek Chand, and a couple of otheer’ singhs and chand’s type shops)  and they can make you VERY nice lehengas for about 40-50K as well. The bad thing- a lot of the shops dont have ready made options, they show you panels and you can mix and match it …but you need to visualise it..

  • Designers (I love Anjalee Arjun,  Suneet Varma, Pallavi Jaikishan, Anamika Khanna, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Varun Bahl) : If you have the money, and are ready to spend atleast 2.5 L on a Lehenga then head to Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj where all the designers are under one roof (Except Anjalee Arjun – they are in Def col..Even if you cant afford this stuff, still go and check it out because you get a ton of ideas for what kind of lehenga might work on you).Do head to Ensemble in Emporio- love everything there!
  • Bridal Asia, Vivaha and Jalsa Exhibitions: If you want a stylised, customised option but dont want to spend on those high end designers then Small time independent designers sometimes work great for Lehengas, they are cheaper than the big brands and can customise according to your style. However , they rarely sell lehengas for less than 80K and mostly hover around the 1 to 1.5 L mark.  These designers usually display in exhibitions and You MUST attend wedding exhibitions that occur in the Ashok Hotel .The three worth attending are Vivaha Exhibition , Bridal Asia  and Jalsa Exhibiton (They occur in September- December) There are a ton of small time designers who will not just help you with your bridal lehenga, but for your engagement options, trousseau outfits etc.
  • CTC Motinagar (ONLY the one in Motinagar is good-Sale is on During September and June, but only lower ranges are on Sale): This has ranges from 30 K to 5 L, and in general i found it similar prices to Frontier (I like frontiers designs slightly better though). I didnt find too many great options at less than 80K unfortunately, but in the >80K segment, there are some nice options. If bling is your thing then CTC is your friend, i havent found too much here that is non blingy though. Their designer is quite creative, and i love their trial rooms and the area where they show the lehengas . It was one of the first shops i visited, and i still have 2-3 options from there which i loved.


  • Ushnaq Mal: UM is one of the oldest shops around and still goes strong. Personally i dont LOVVEE everything they have, but stick arund and they really give you some good options sometimees. Plus you can get anyuthing ordered from them mix and matched etc however do remember that they arent a store that has really kept up with the times honestly I feel . A lot of their styles are dated.. They are relatively reasonable too..cheaper than frontier and the likes.
  • Hauz khaz village: haul kHaz village is a must visit if yr a bride to be. The timeless ogaan and other quaint little shops here are sometimes the perfect optiom for a bride who wants an ultra stylish lehengA . The prices are not exactly cheap, but the designs definitely are something that are worth a dekko!
  • Shahpur Jat

You may not find your bridal lehenga here, but you will find a sangeet lehenga and if you are very lucky maybe even a bridal one ! I love the quaint little boutiques here- Liz Paul, Monika & Nidhi, Madsam Tinzin…All of them are uber cute !


  • Roshans in Lajpat Nagar
This is where our real bride Akanksha got her lehenga from and it was a cream brocade lehenga with subtle work. What I have found is that Roshans has a very limited range so its not one of the places that you can go and spend hours in but sometimes you strike gold so its a hit or a miss
My quick tips for Lehenga shopping
  • Visit during Sale time,  and Bargain :Even proper shops like Frontier give discount  (Dont bargain in Emporio though, you might be kicked out of the mall or something!)
  • Go for dual dupatta’s : I think every bride needs two dupattas- one on the head, and one seperately that goes aorund the waist and over the shoulder. This way , you can put the lighter net dupatta on the head and the heavier one in the usual drape. It instantly dresses up a lehenga
  • Get a Waist belt: I love waist belts with lehengas. I have already bought a kundan, gold and white one for mine! They add that indian princess look, and make you stand out from the crowd- its like that extra fashionable touch to your lehenga
  • Get flare lehengas for your wedding day, keep the fish kali  and slim silhouettes for engagement/ reception: Personally i feel Bridal lehengas should be full and flared, traditional and classic. The modern silhouettes should be left to the other functions.
  • Dont go with a closed mind about colors: I was determined to NOT buy a red lehenga, and so i never asked them to show me those colors, but eventually i ended up loving a red one and i wouldnt even have seen it had i been insistent.
  • Dont judge shops by the products on their website: I am such a google freak that i was googling bridal lehenga’s till kingdom come ! Iv realised that its of no use because the products on their website are really poor and you cannot judge a shop by those.
  • Stick to your budget: If your budget is 1L and you start seeing some of the 2L ones, you wont feel like coming back to the 1L ones. SO ignorance is bliss- see only your budget, because the expensive ones start tempting you otherwise!

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