It started as an attempt to do a  ‘festive makeup’ look, with neutral eyes and bright red lips  but  somewehere down the line my heart called out to the purples and corals i love and this is what came of it ! Festive? Well, i would wear it for a christmas brunch! But for the lack of other adjectives, i am just going to go with the title of ‘Winter Face of the day’ because here in Delhi, its getting freaking cold and i just want to be wrapped up in a snug rug like a bug ! (or in a Chanel Cashmere sweater but thats a different story ) Instead im braving the weather and clicking photos for my blog ! Brrr..

I dont know whether my skin has just naturally gotten lighter, or its a camera playing a trick because i dont remember being this light ever! Oh also, this is one of the very rare snaps you will see of me being full face to the camera. My blogging face is usually side pose, eyes down..all demure looking and actually nothing like what i am in real life!

Thats more like what my skin tone is. Or used to be. Or still is! I dont knoww!

Notice how my skin is acting up and looking dry/ slightly patchy? Its the winter monster. I can apply layers of oils and moisturizers but it still wont back down.


Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation
Inglot Under Eye Concealer
Lakme Earth Rose Trio

Sleek oh So Special Palette  for the purple for the crease, and the  peachy bronze in centre of the  lid
MAC Woodwinked for the gold in the inner corner
Oriflame Lilac Duo for outer corner
Chambor Brown Dazzle Eyeliner on lower lash line
Lakme 9 to 5 liner on upper lash line

Mac Mocha Lipstick
Lakme Absolute Berry Shine Lipgloss

I did click a tutorial for the eyes, its not a great tutorial but will outline the necessary steps. If interested then let me know and i shall post!

Adios! Im going to go make myself cinnamon flavoured coffee..mmm..

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