A quick follow up to my post on Blisscovered, it seems within a week its raining birch boxes in India. Seriously, it seems like these subscription boxes are falling from the skies (Ouch one just hit my head right now) and tempting us to join them with more promises than the next one.Here are the ones that i have found till now:

http://www.blingbox.in/ : Yet to open to public, with a snazzy looking golden blingy box this one is just taking down e-mail addresses of customers interested in signing up.

http://www.lushbox.in/ : Another one that is still yet to open and taking down e-mails of those signing up

http://www.blisscovered.com/: Already open, with a host of brands to flaunt as of now and at Rs 700/- a month, iv already ordered my one month subscription. Lets see whether they live up to the hype of birch boxes in India.

Thats it. Thought i shall give you guys a quickie update about the new entrants. Ill keep updating this list as more and more joing the bandwagon. Which brands would you like to see in these boxes. For me its:
Lancome, Guerlain, Chanel, YSL, Loccitane, Forest Essentials, MUFE, MAC,Inglot,Givenchy, Kiehls, International Brands like theBalm , China Glaze , Orly, Benefit if possible. La Prarie, Clinique (i know they have trial sized bottles), Body Shop. 

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