Body SHop Camomile Gentle EYe Makeup Remover

 Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Written by Guest Writer Lapanika

My relationship with eye makeup removers is complicated. Whenever I have tried to use an eye makeup remover , it has always stung my eye, made me feel , as if I cried for hours and hours in the bathroom and made me go through pain. Seeing my fascinating battle with eye makeup removers, the man ( me husband), asks “You shouldn’t be applying eye makeup , if it hurts so bad .What’s your deal with this ? Me: My deal?? Hmm … (No reply. Me fights no battles, without weapons).

ENTER: The Body Shop’s Camomile Gentle eye Makeup Remover

About Body Shop  Camomile Gentle eye Makeup Remover :
I have mini size (2.0 fl.oz) bottle which has their standard flip open cap.This product is exactly like water , thin and transparent , when it comes to the texture. No artificial fragrances, which I really love. It is gentle, when it takes my makeup off, and there is no tugging or pulling involved in the whole process. This particular makeup remover does leave my eyelashes a little sticky, however after a couple of minutes, the eyelashes return to their normal selves. The most important thing that I like to look in any kind of makeup remover is, it shouldn’t leave behind any kind of residue on my face and in the same retrospect, this product takes the cake, hands down. Another good thing about Body Shop which I am sure most of us love is, the packaging and availability in Regular and Mini size. Nobody likes cheap packaging and just one big old bottle.


1) Removes make up like a charm
2) No stingy burning sensation
3) No residual matter
4) No artificial fragrances
5) Super like! For the texture
6) Love that its available in two sizes

1)      It leaves the lashes feeling a bit sticky
2)      It leans towards the expensive side
3)      Couldn’t find this product on the Indian Bodyshop website. You may want to check your nearest store.
4)      It has parabens L
                                                              Overall Verdict : A-
Price : Mini 2.0 fl.oz  – $4.00  in the US which converts to about 200 Rs  ( Will be more expensive in India though’)

Recommendation: The Body Shop Camomile Eye Makeup remover is a gentle , but effective one. If removers tend to sting your eyes, this is definitely one you should be looking at !

About the Guest Writer

Lapanika is a 27 year old Indian living in Minnesota. A girl who believed primer only meant something to be added to wall paints, she entered the big bad (and tempting ) makeup world of the USA with only a Lakme Kajal, a lipstick , and foundation. While her left brain helped her get a degree in Human Resources, her right brain was delving into the world of makeup !!!

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