The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm

Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm - Looks like a tiny Cake Tin!

Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm Review

Sugar and Spice, and everything nice..those were the opening lines of the Power Puff Girls cartoon (I loved Buttercup!! ..*fiiighting crime trying to saaave the world, here they come jussst in tiiimmmee- The Power puff girls!!!* ) . Thats probably the song i would dedicate to the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm too because it is sugar and spice and everything nice! *fighting dry lips trying to unchap them, here it comes in your palm- the Spiced Vanilla Lip Balmmmm* Okay, lets get a grip. Its easy to start obsessing over old cartoon songs (Captain Planet anyone??)

Body Shop Claims ” This non-sticky balm quickly hydrates lips. It is flavoured with vanilla and a hint of spice”

Can i please just say its wrong to put names like Spiced Vanilla on top of skincare products. I mean its hard enough to resist all those “Vanilla Sugar” and “Honey and Cocoa Butter” infused products, but now on top of that, we have Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Range!!  Spiced freaking Vanilla ! Its like there is this giant bakery somewhere churning out all of these  where nothing is edible and can only be applied to your skin.Im not complaining though, these kind of scents make me go all goggle eyed and be “Ooooohh spiccedd vanilllaaaa”!!!

Hmm so about the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm– i love it !! I havent had a great experience with their Born Lippy Lip Balms honestly. Though they smell great, they usually dont hydrate my lips and they wear off very quickly leaving my lips dry. But the christmassy Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm not only hydrates and protects my lips, it makes sure they are not chapped and rough even after it wears off after 3-4 hours. This one doesnt have a tint ( I cant imagine spiced vanilla being anything except clear and white), so its your no-frills  basic lip balm which hugs your lips and make them all kissable and plush. Its thicker than your usual lip balms, so i wont really recommend using this under your lipsticks, as it makes them too slick. But i use it over them all the time.

Did i mention it smells like a cinnamon spiced christmas cake hot out of the oven! The metal container even looks like a cake tin- its totally adorable ! However, it does mean you need to dip your finger in to get the lip balm out, which is kind of unhygeinic honestly, specially because i use this lip balm over lipsticks and so all the lipstick colors get mixed up in it. Me no like my vanilla cake getting strawberry mixed in it !!

Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm

Sorry about the discoloration. There is unfortunately no other way to use it other than dipping your finger in.

Overall Verdict: A

Product 4.5/5 , Pigmentation:5/5 (Not applicable) , Texture :4 /5, Lasting Power: 4/5, Packaging & Value :3/5

Price: Rs 340 (I got it for about 315 because of the member discount)

Recommendation: Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm is one of my favourites. It is tons better than their Born Lippy lip balms which didnt moisturize enough and wore off quickly. This one soothes and hydrates and makes your lips smell all christmassy -like you just ate a cinnamon spiced vanilla cake! Yum!

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