Have you met a girl who buys her engagement outfit in 4 minutes flat? Moreover have you met a girl who not only buys her engagement outfit in 4 minutes flat, but it ends up being everything she had said she doesnt want to wear? Well let me introduce you to me !

How i bought my engagement outfit

We were strolling through Crescent at the Qutab (a designer mall), for lack of better things to do (actually, there was no electricity at home and hence we were there  :p ) when this happened.

My mom said “Suneet Verma is on sale upto 60% lets check it out”

Me “Pfft..whats the point..even after 60% he is pretty unaffordable . Leave it lets finish our ice cream and go”

Mom “Arre , whose buying..come we will try pretty things”

Me” Oh you mean i will try pretty things to entertain you and you will sit nicely and get entertained while i have to do all the work”

Mom “Yes exactly”  

Me” No thank you, we will just go see, im not trying on anything”

So we enter the store, and i love all the sarees and blouses and stuff, there is a super pretty lehenga that is way beyond our budget and we are ready to come out when i see this little greyish lavender net thing stuffed in a corner.  Intrigued i go towards it to find that it is a dove grey and lavender gown with gold embroidery all over it and little wafts of net attached all around the skirt of it- very vintagey and very ‘princess kinds, but its just stuffed in a corner poor thing.

Me “Hmm.pretty”

Mom” Try it on!!!!”

Me “No whats the point. Im not wearing a gown on my engagement please! Iv made fun of girls who wear gowns on their engagement,  i dont want to be one of them..plus its grey and lavender- totally  not engagement appropriate”

Mom “Shut up. Try it”

Me meekly “Ok”

Sometimes you wear a piece of clothing that is designed to be worn by you.For me this was one of them. From the moment that gown slipped over my head, and i zipped up the side, i felt i was like a little disney princess. It has these floaty net materials attached to it giving it a very vintage, ethereal look and it flares down slightly  at the bottom. Really the only thing that was left to complete tthe outfit for me was a magic wand with a star on top- thats how princessy i felt. Moreover the embroidery is actually very indian, so it doesnt look like a western gown at all, but an indian outfit.

I step out of the trial room

Mom with mouth open “Buy itttt!!!!!! You look like tinkerbell”

Me” I dont knowwww….its a gown, its not indian. Is it a good thing to look like tinkerbell? Its strappy. Can a bride wear strappy things?”

Mom” We will indianise it  with a dupatta /stole kind of thing.  Who cares if its strappy, you look good in strappy, i wish i could wear strappy ! Please just buy it. If nothing else wear it for your youngsters party “

Me thinking to myself  *Are you kidding me, im not wearing a heavy  gown to my youngsters where drinks might be spilt all over it*

Mom is already at the cashier counter “How much is this”

Cashier girl” 90,000″ Maam. 

Me looking slightly crestfallen “Oh, ok…i guess we can look more”

Cashier girl ” Its on flat 65% off, this is the only piece with this much discount”

Mom “Whaaa? Okay bill it bill it !!!! Before anyone takes it bill it !!!

And thats how i bought my engagement oufit in 4 minutes flat- and it ended up being everything i told my mom i didnt want to buy. I acually remixed it a bit , and added indian accents to it, but its really the fit that got me hook , line and sinker. I really just feel like tinkerbell waiting for my peter pan (Except ill kill the boy if he wears a green coat like peter pan). Sigh. I hope the rest of my extended punjabi family understands it, and doesnt get dissapointed that there is no ‘bling quotient’ to it.

Hair Care

This is something i am struggling with because i have a major hair loss problem. Im talking the kinds where iv been to every doctor in the city but nothing has come out of it. I am currently doing a treatment by “Kamini Aunty”- yes thats her name. She is this woman in Delhi who swears she can grow your hair back, and iv heard about her from actually 5 different sources! So she gives me an oil, a ginger tonic and a herbal hair pack whose contents she refuses to reveal.Surprisingly, its been working really really well, my hair texture has improved by miles since i started using this and im going to step it up closer to the wedding! I would really recommend “Kamini Aunty” to everyone in Delhi. She is talked about in hush hush tones and she is one of Delhi’s well kept secrets!!


Ill be honest, i havent done anything on this front like zilch. I want to do a bridal skincare post, specially because my sister has chanced upon this ingredient which has totally cleared up her skin!  I need to work out a plan for me, i tend to take my skin for granted since it always works itself out, but some planning is long over due!

Makeup Artist Updates

After a ton of recmmendations, i have fixed a trial with a “Tanuja” from Bubbles salon in Hyderabad. Ill be there next month for that. Fingers crossed it all goes well !!!!

What you should be doing 5 months prior to wedding

  • Start purchasing your mehendi and engagement outfits (Ideas for mehendi outfits people?  It has to be sleeveless and there will be mehendi on my feet so nothing too long either. My sister wore a short lehenga with the skirt coming just below her knees and she wore jewellery all made out of real flowers. It was adorable!!)
  • Narrow down your lehenga choices to your favourite 2 (its difficult i know)
  • Make sure you are wearing sunblock everyday, and moisturizing your skin at night . If you suffer from dull skin then try out those Ponds Micro Dermabrasion kits i have heard so much about
  • If you do have problematic hair, then start with hair spa’s or go to a derm who might give you some suggestion. ALWAYS test out products on a patch. A friend of mine is getting married in 3 weeks and she put a cream on her arm which burnt (yes burnt) her entire arm. The marks wont go till  6-7 months :(

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