It’s your CHANCE ! Embrace It….
Chance EAU FRAICHE by Chanel
by Guest Reviewer Swastika

My first travel abroad was a business trip to UK. While doing my research about “what to shop in London” I found that everything was very expensive and not really affordable in my limited budget. So I decided (from long before I traveled) that I will be coming back with a Chanel No. 5 perfume if not anything else. This decidedly famous perfume was what I had always envisioned to possess when I grew up(read have my own money). So on my first trip to Selfridges, I promptly went to the Chanel counter and asked for this. I smelled the fragrance, liked it (note Not Loved it) and asked the SA to pack it. Loving was not an issue, Possessing the VERY FAMOUS perfume was. While the SA was packing up my buy, I saw a beautiful display of Chance by Chanel and picked up the bottle to smell it and instantly fell in LOVE. So after a lot of indecisive moments(giving up on my dream of No.5 and doing some calculations about how I CANT afford both), I asked the SA to give me Chance instead of No. 5 and thus started my love affair with my favorite perfume Chance by Chanel!
3 varieties of Chanel Chance are available Chance (Original), EAU FRAICHE, EAU TENDRE

Chanel claims:
“A sparkling woman smiles at life and loves to fill it with laughter. She is full of fantasy, vitality and energy. Her Fragrance? A sparkling floral constellation that releases the vibrant freshness of Jasmine, notes of Cedar and Teak Wood. Just like her, the fragrance seems to be bursting with tiny bubbles of unpredictable happiness. This fresh new take on Chance is about believing in yourself and giving wings to your dreams. CHANCE Eau Fraîche, a vibrant incarnation of the unexpected fragrance, now takes on a sparkling freshness. The unexpected floral bursts with a lightness and zest as notes of citrus, Water Hyacinth and Jasmine Absolute are highlighted and energized with woody notes of Amber of Patchouli and Fresh Vetiver.”
Chanel Chance  is my favorite because of the youthfulness and happiness it adds to my mood. It brings a spring into my step and  a hint of smile to my face in the mornings. I usually reserve this for special occasions and when my mood needs uplifting and I get a LOT of compliments when I wear this alongwith lots of “which perfume are you wearing?”  The bouquet of floral fragrance hits me the moment I spray this on with notes of Jasmine, Cedar and Teak Wood. There is a unexpectedness to it all. Something indefinable which I cannot pinpoint to any of its constituents…in a way as if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! That is what I like about Chance..It is a matter of Taking a Chance and loving it. Its also one of those light perfumes, so you dont get hit by a ton of strong notes , its elegant and subtle like a gentle whiff of loveli-ness!
Very fresh, young and playful. Also, when someone asks which perfume are you wearing, you can proudly claim CHANEL Chance ;P *nose up in the air* . Jokes aside, I am slightly obssessed with the Chanel brand and the perfumes are the only thing from their range I can afford.
Cons –
Price obviously; I feel the pinch every time I have to repurchase this. Availability..none of the stores in Kolkata retails it and  I have to buy it abroad or request people who are traveling.

Overall Verdict :A+

Price– 90$ for 100ml

Will I repurchase – Yes, I believe in the concept of signature scent of a person and this one is ME :)

Overall recommendations– A  light, youthful fragrance; If you want to start with the iconic Chanel perfumes..this is a good place..its more young and playful than its more sophisticated and worldly sisters like No. 5 and No.19.  I say take your Chance with it!

About the Guest Writer

Swastika is a marketing professional from Kolkata who is a regular at Peaches & Blush. A girl who like all of us, loves fashion and beauty. Your job takes you to business trips to London?? Me want that job. Actually mine takes me to New York so i shouldnt complain!!! ;). But i am totally with you on “CHance” by Chanel. Along with Vera Wang Princess, its probably my most favourite perfume! I have the original version

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