After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” Christian Dior
An aesthete and a rebel, Christian Dior grew up in Granville, on the cliffs of Normandy, in a house buffeted by strong winds, and seemingly unsuited to the creation of a garden. However, the young man’s creative strength and relentless hard work defied nature, and today one can still admire the garden in bloom and in particular, the fantastic rose garden planted with his own hands. This flower garden expresses the desire for transformation, for high standards, imagination and fantasy. In short, it is the exact definition of the origins of “Dior-style” creation.
This spring, Dior breathes the scent of liberty and youth over bucolic spirits. A creation in pastel shades, invented by Tyen, is incarnated as a fantastic garden, where flashes of festive violet and floral green exhilarate romantic hearts. This extremely light version of pure sophistication is presented in delicate, hand-finished pieces. Whether it be couture, jewellery or make-up, “luxury accepts all the vagaries of the imagination,” said Christian Dior. You are hereby invited to the Dior Garden Party.
An accessory of exquisite colours happily opens this lunch on the lawn. Like a pinkish white woven basket inset with an initialled metal plaque, the Dior Garden Clutch is an initiation into the delights of beautyUnclasp the two rose buttons that seal this precious object to discover, in a gleaming silver setting, the essential shadows and glosses for fresh and radiant eyes and lips. The Dior Garden Clutch is available in two colour harmonies: Milly Garden, paying tribute to the Couturier’s country house, presents a contrast of tender pink and slivery blue with a violet-tinged grey for the eyes. These shades are accompanied by two fresh pinks to enhance the lips; the first is a Lip Maximizer, which plumps lips and lets desire take flight; the second is a gloss. Granville Garden, leading you down to the cliff-top rose garden, reveals a second harmony of precious pink and pale green, accentuated by a deep brown, to audaciously emphasise eyes and match the apricot-tinged, “pink kiss” lip shades.
Sumptuous decors have been delicately pressed onto the surface of the eyeshadows.
As though inspired by a Couture fabric, the flowers in these eye shadow palettes delight the eyes and bear an astonishing resemblance to hand embroidered designs on delicate tulle. High standards are transformed into passion. The legendary 5 Couleurs palette is reinvented as a charming Collector’s edition, with roses seemingly embroidered on the surface of the eyeshadows. The two seductive colour harmonies of this ‘Garden Edition’ are the object of everyone’s desires. The Garden Pastel harmony floats between flowers and foliage, with its pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens. As for the Garden Roses harmony, it creates a fever of tender pinks, Parma violet and silver, accentuated by a devastating purple.
The pearls of the collection are to be found in the nail polishes. Dior has created a surprise for the hands, with a choice between Waterlily, a soft green, and Forget-me-not, a floral mauve. Flirtatious and elegant, the two Dior Garden Party nail varnish shades are also… perfumed. Intoxicating rose vapours are seductively inviting, arousing the senses.
Radiate happiness and modernity with the Rosy Glow blush, which enhances your unique cheek colour for a natural healthy glow effect. Thanks to Fresh Color Reveal technology, it intuitively adjusts to the moisture of each skin to make the cheeks blush as though through emotion. The colour is transparent, customized and ultra-natural for an original, fresh result full of grace.
001 Petal
The 3 Couleurs Smoky palette is also invited to this garden party and adopts the spirit of gardens and flowers. Two contrasting colour harmonies set the tone of exhilaration and temptation: Smoky Garden and Smoky Violet tell a sensual tale of chiaro-scuro. The first flutters from glints of light-bathed chlorophyll to the refreshing, deep shade of leaves. The second sways among petal pink, soft Parma violet and precious purple. The sublime juxtaposition of matte and shimmering textures softly and stylishly sculpts the eyes.
2 new shades of Rouge Dior have been created: Corolle Pink and Tulip Pink. As Couture in style as ever, the shades swirl and sparkle with a joy that borders on insolence. As for Rouge Sérum, it is available in the luminous shades of Pink Dew Serum and Petal Serum, providing lips with youth, tender skin care and radiance.
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss has never seemed so carefree. Fresh and audacious, the 3 shades, like romantic leads, are the rising iconic values of tomorrow. Socialite Pink, Party Lilac and Pretty Rose have everything going for them: beauty, radiance and a hint of subversion.

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