Faces Peach Glow Cream  Blush
Faces Cream Blush Review
 Get your ‘Glam On’ girls! Just because Christmas and New Year are behind us doesn’t give you an excuse to stop trying to look all dewy and Glamorous! The Faces Glam on Cream Blushes aim to do just that! Ever Since these hit the market, i have been lusting after one. Good, affordable cream blushes are somewhat hard to find in India, so anytime there is a new entrant on the scene i make sure im the first to grab it !! What better one to start off with than Peach Glow (i will also have Rose Quartz here shortly which was sent to me), but for now lets get to know Peach Glow a little better shall we?

Faces Peach Glow Cream Blush -The color
Peach Glow Cream Blush is a deep peachy orange with swirls of golden shimmer. Its difficult to find cream blushes with shimmer for nightitme, since they mostly are mattes so this is a nice change. Its a warm color and these kind of shades are right up my alley! The glitter is slightly chunky, but its not over powering and does not migrate out of the blush onto other parts of the face (thank god for not looking like a glitter monkey). Its a color i would definitely keep for the night time, i can’t imagine going to work with this. But if you are the more fortunate ones who doesn’t go to work everday, this can be worn for a day out in the mall as well.

General thoughts on Faces  Cream Blushes
I found these blushes to be well pigmented- you can build up the color  for a very pigmented look but go lighter for a sheerer color. I prefer blushes with this quality since they are more versatile and easy to work with. In terms of texture, its a bit different to other cream blushes i have tried. Its doesn’t have the creamy texture of Nyx, and its not as thick and sticky as the MAC Creme Blend blushes, this is somewhat …not so liquidy ..if that makes sense. I actually found this harder to blend than the Nyx Blushes- i felt i had to go over it again for it to seemlessly seep into my skin while with Nyx blending is a total breeze. They do give that nice dewy cheek , but the lasting power is just about 5 hours maximum.
Faces Peach Glow Cream Blush Swatch- Swiped
Faces Glam on Cream Blush Peach Glow Swatch- Blended 
Wearing Peach Glow on a rather tired face- I dont have a better picture  to show you guys the shimmer sorry!!
A rather hazy cell phone picture of my new year outfit!
Overall Verdict: B+
Pigmentation: 4/5 , Texture 3/5 , Lasting Power: 3.5/5 , Packaging & Value :4.5/5

Price: Rs 399/- but can be got at a discount 

Will i Repurchase Faces Cream Blushes: Yes, i might get more shades

Recommendation: Its a gorgeous warm , peachy orange with bits of gold shimmer swirled in- perfect for a night out! I thought these blushes were really nice to work with- they have buildable pigmentation so you can get the intensity you want, but i found them slightly harder to blend than say Nyx Cream Blushes since they aren’t as creamy and dont last very long. Still a very good buy in my opinion though!!!! This is a great shade to start off with if you are looking for a slightly dressier cream blush.

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