Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet: Who Wore What

Yayie ! Its that time of the year again! The 5 G’s are back- Glitz, Glamour,  Gowns and the Golden Globes!! Here is what happened on the fashion scene at the Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet . I write this as i see the repeat telecast of the Globes on VH 1, so ignore the grammatical errors..George Clooney keeps distracting me!

Leah Michele turning up the sparkle and sexy quotient at the Globes 2012 with a sheer Marchesa Gown. The front of this gown is totally sheer except for metallic embroidery and beading on strategic areas. I like it, im not sure if it was golden globes appropriate.

nicole kidman golden globes 2012Nicole Kidman in a dove grey grecian Versace gown which i love from the waist down, but something about the upper half makes her look a bit like Xena the warrior princess. angelina joliea golden globes 2012Angeline Jolie looking her classy self in an uber fashionable cream Versace  gown with a red fold down neck. I love how she matched her lipstick to her clutch to her collar!! I would have gone lighter on the eyrs and kept it cleaner but Jolie paints a total movie star picture anyway.
Charlize theron golden globes 2012Okay can we just take a moment and ogle at Charlize Theron in that super stunningly gorgeous pale blush pink Dior Couture gown with the never ending split. TOTAL LOVE! Favourite of the night for me. I adore her hairstyle and that jewelled hairband as well- she looks like like an angel that just descended from the clouds!! Reese Witherspoon gown at the golden globes2012Not loving Reese Witherspoon in that red gown. She seems to have lost a bit too much weight honestly and though the gown is really pretty in itself, there is something about it that i dont know..just dont quite like it. Im more the flowy gown type !Mila Kunis Gown at the golden globes 2012Mila Kunis in a black dior cut to a silhouette she seems to love. Very simple and classy,  and black always looks great against that Golden Globes red carpet ..though that girl has packed on a couple of those pounds. May be for a role..who knows?Kate Beckinsale Gown at Golden Globes 2012Kate Beckinsale – a vision in a beaded Roberto Cavalli…adore her gown though it reminds me of a bride ! Still gorgeous as always!Jessica biel gown at the golden globes 2012Jessice Biel in a stunning vintagey lace gown  from Elie Saab (Hello- cant do no wrong designer that)which honestly again looks like a wedding dress to me, but still stunning. Apparently Madonna walked all over this accidentally . Hello, walking over an elie saab- not cool!!

jessiuca alba golden globes 2012

Jessica Alba looking lovely in a lavender gown with silver embellishment. the firts thing that came to my mind- oh my god my moms saree is exactly like this !!

frieda pinto golden globes 2012

Ms Pinto in a peacock blue gown. She looks like pocahontas or a pretty disney indian princess. I like the gown, dont love it but i do love those strands of golden jewels around her neck!!

There were TONS of other great gowns at the Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet.  Im running out of time here (still getting used to wordpress picture upload system), so tell me what you think of these for the time being.

Who do you think was best dressed at the Golden Globes 2012?

My vote goes to Charlize. Im droooling at how she looks, totally stunning !

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