Between my sister and me, she has always been the one with the glossy, straight, movie star  hair while i have been cursed with the wavy, rough, frizzy, prone to breakage,weak hair. Alternatively, i have been the one with clear skin which mostly behaves itself, while she has oily and acne prone skin.So when recently, i saw her sporting a clearer more even skin tone i was like “Wha? How has your skin become so clear” . “Nutmeg” she said happily . “Baking Soda for acne, and nutmeg for clearer skin” she added. I was intrigued to know the whole story, and thought some of you oily skinned girls might take a note or two from her.

How to get clearer skin 

(Specially for those with oily, acne prone skin)

  1. For flattening out acne: She mixed Baking Soda with water till it formed a paste like consistency and applied it on each breakout area. Within 2-3 days, the breakout flattens and the redness goes.
  2. For clearer , more even skin:She took nutmeg and ground it against a stone slab with water. It immediately starts dissolving and formed a rough paste like consistency. She also added some crushed cinnamon to it but that is optional. She put this on her face everyday for 2-3  weeks, making sure the paste is on her face for ATLEAST an hour!! By the end of the third week the spots on her face lightened, and her skin was more even and smoother in tone with the spots from earlier acne having dissapeared!!

Nutmeg has antiseptic properties which are good for your skin and also contains some essential oils which benefit your skin too! Whatever other skincare p0roperties it has, im just amazed at how clear my sisters skin has become with this little trick. Brides to be who want an easy DIY skincare recipe- try this for a month prior to your wedding ! Always test it out on a patch first though- you dont want to have an allergic reaction

Btw, in Arab countries Nutmeg is used as an aphrodisiac ..Just saying.

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So now, my sister is the one with glossy movie star hair and clear skin, and im just left with the frizzy mess. Oh great. :p

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