Hello Ladies  (I feel like Val Venis everytime i say this. For those who didnt watch WWF as a kid, he is this wrestler with a super oily body who used to come wearing just a towel and say this in a semi-porn star voice).

Anyway back to the topic…

Im Moving to WordPress!

What does that mean? Nothing Really, Everything stays the way it is !
Not much, i will still be available on the same url as before- i.e. http://www.peachesandblush.com/ . All my blog posts of the past will still be available as before. Everything pretty much stays the same, except my site will have a new basic look (it will take a while before i figure wordpress out and customise and peach-ify it ! ;), so some of the pages you see on top might take a while to appear (i will need to copy them)
BUT for the next day or two the site might be down, give you errors, be unreachable etc. Dont freak out! Ill be back!

If you are following me via Google Friend Connect – my posts will no longer update in your dashboard!

Google is discontinueing GFC for WordPress blogs very soon, so i will not be migrating GFC followers and  hence my posts will not be updating on your dashboard. If you want to stay updated, i suggest you follow me via e-mail (put in your e-mail add in the subscription box on the right) or Facebook, or  Twitter . You can find links to all of these in and around my blog.

When will new posting start? New Posting will start only after Friday, Jan 14 2012

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