Jordana Natural Lipstick 082
Guest Review by CSP Ballal

Jordana claims about Jordana Lipstick:

  • • Full Coverage, Dazzling Color
  • • Rich & Creamy Texture
  • • Lightweight, Smooth-Glide Application
  • • Soft Shine Finish
  • • Made In USA

My take on Jordana Natural Lipstick:

The shade, as the name suggests, Natural,  really is a  natural color. The lips gets a wonderful natural wash of earthy coral pink . Its a color that i think will look good on almost all skin tones, since its flattering for both cool and warm tones. The texture of Jordana Natural Lipstick is  smooth, glidable and creamy, and like it claims it gives a soft shine finish, however one cannot expect much with the staying power. The staying power is a maximum of 2.5-3 hours which is its major downside, but i am so in love with the color that i choose to ignore that fact!!!

Jordana Lipsticks are just wonderful when it comes to shade selection. The creamy lipsticks  make you forget all other lipsticks (atleast for me)  and I find myself reaching for Jordana Lipsticks every now and then.  They have a a  wonderful fruit candy smell which is not overpowering but a  very pleasant one that invites you just when you loosen the cap of the lipstick. The packaging is not very different from other lipstick with  A twist up tube with a transparent cap. The plastic and lettering on it does  seems a little cheap. But an excusable con for the quality of the lipstick that is given. They are extremely economically priced and i have to say Jordana Natural has grown to become probably my favourite lipstick shade ever!

Overall Review: A-

Price: Rs. 149/-

Recommendation:  Jordana Natural is one of my favourite lipstick shades- a natural, earthy coral pink!!! I think Jordana lipsticks are  a must try at the price they come at- for their creaminess,shade selection and texture though they have poor lasting power!

About the Guest Reviewer

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