Loreal Liss Control & Smoothening Serum Review
By Guest Writer Aaliya

How i actually got my hands on the L’oreal Tec Liss Control Serum is a bit of a story. I had asked my uncle to get me a L’Oreal toner which costed around 525. He bought it and sent the package to me  and when I actually opened the package I found this inside!! My uncle got confused between the 525 price range as this and the toner costed the same so he thought this was the toner: p ( Men!!). But I am sooo glad he got confused, if it were not for his confusion I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this amazing product.
I am blessed with naturally straight and silky hair which are on the finer side, (Editors Note: I already am envious of you Aaliya)  but thanks to Mumbai’s climate(which has been pathetic off late) since the past one year my hair had become totally  frizzy and unmanageable. It’s all that pollution i tell you- It felt like a broomL!  Normally I just use a shampoo and I am done, I am too lazy and impatient for conditioners as I am always in a rush! So I restrict the conditioner to just twice a month.

Loreal Claims
“Gives up to 24-hour anti-frizz protection, softness and natural-looking shine to any style. Best for thick, frizzy, way or difficult to manage hair. ”
Rub a few pumps between hands and work through the lengths of towel-dried hair. Blow-dry smooth or leave to dry naturally.

 This product totally works! . I don’t even need a conditioner  if i use this serum! I just wash my hair normally with a shampoo and on towel dried hair I apply just a pump of this and voila it feels a someone’s cast a spell! My hair texture felt renewed within minutes and all the damage due to pollution had been reversed back! I was literally blown away! There was no frizziness or fly aways, no tangles, my hair felt silky ,soft and smooth and yes there was also glossiness and shine (bling, bling)!!  :D
 I can’t anticipate the effect this has on hair fall coz I don’t face hair fall problems. To cut the long story short I just lovee this product, truly madly deeply. I use it almost every day, one bottle will easily last around 4-5 months with regular use. The consistency of this product is perfect too, its not too runny and slippery , and not too thick and gloopy either.

What i like about the Loreal Liss Control Serum
. The best thing about this is that it does what it claims- de-frizzes the hair, and keeps it soft and silky.
· The pump makes it very convenient to use and there is no wastage of product, I have used the last drop in the bottle too! :D
· Hair is much more manageable.
· Frizz, tangles, dry hair and fly aways- BYE BYE! :D
· Tresses feel very soft, silky and smooth (I just can’t stop touching my hair! :p)
· The glossiness and shine that it adds to the mane is really commendable.
· I really love the fragrance, it’s mild and so pleasant! and it lingers for a good time
· One gets decent quantity for the price.

What i dont like about the Loreal Liss Control Serum· The only downside is that it is slightly expensive but it’s worth every penny. Apart from this, there is NOTHING that I don’t like about this.
Overall Verdict : A
Price: 525/- for 50 ml

Will I Repurchase: Already on my second bottle!!!

This is an amazing product that definitely does what it claims and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to all gorgeous ladies out there who face problems like frizzy hair, tangles, rough hair fly away, unmanageable hair, etc. It will definitely tame your tresses and you won’t be disappointed, indeed you will just fall in love with your hair and this bottle of magic! :D 

About the Guest Writer
Aaaliya hails from that crazy city of Mumbai (Iv lived there- i totally love its craziness). She is all of 21 years of age, and just from her e-mails i can tell she is one jumpy ball of liveliness!! She is currently pursuing her CA, and she feels makeup should only be used to accentuate your natural beauty, not as an everyday compulsion.

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