Mac Feline  Kohl
Guest Review by Krittika
Leonardo Da Vinci once said – “The smallest feline is a masterpiece”.  Well, I may not be big on cats (they totally creep me out), but MAC’s Kohl Power Pencil in ‘Feline’ is definitely a masterpiece in my eyes!   Now, as big a fan I am of MAC’s lipsticks and blushes, I never found anything exceptional about their eye pencils, mostly because the shades are more or less  dupe-able and the formula doesn’t really knock me off my feet (not enough to shell out a 1000 bucks anyway). Mac Feline Eye Kohl, however, is a definite exception for me.
Feline is a limited edition eye pencil, which has been (re)launched as a part of MAC’s Fall Color Collection,  Oddly enough though, my MAC store seemed to have stocked on Feline kohl  much before the rest of the collection was launched.  Though LE, it has been promoted and repromoted a number of times.  I think the last time it was launched was  with the Cham-Pale Collection.MAC describes Feline Kohl as “Rich Black”.  Well, I gotta agree.  It is a soooper doooper matte black eye pencil.  It is also a really long pencil, containing 1.5 g of product (Colorbar and Bourjois eye pencils contain around 1.1 g of product, Chambor around 0.28 g).  I

Feline by MAC is richly pigmented, soft and glides smoothly on the eye contour without tugging or pulling.  I personally haven’t experienced any discomfort using it on my waterline.  Also, I use contacts on a regular basis and it does not transfer onto my lenses.  One swipe is enough to give well – defined eyes, and the intensity can be built up with a couple of swipes.  Feline Eye Kohl is also fantastic for smokey eyes… just swipe it on your waterline/ lashline and smudge it with a brush/ finger… instant easy-peasy smokey eyes  (perfect if you, like me, are completely inept at using eyeshadows for ze smokey look!).  It is definitely a smudgy eye pencil and not transfer proof, however it does not
have the tendency to travel all around your eyes (yu no look like a racoon with this baby on!).  I have worn it to office for over 10 hours and have experienced a teeny weeny amount of fading, and it only travelled an itsy bit below my waterline… nothing scary, on the contrary the slight smudging makes my (super tired) eyes only that little bit sexier (:P) and more “Feline” looking. Though its creamy, it sharpens pretty well with any ordinary sharpener, without breaking or squishing (though the wood tends to look a bit uneven in places).

My favourite thing about Mac Feline  Kohl  defintely remains the colour… rich matte black… perfect, especially for us Indian girls because of our undying love for black kohl-rimmed eyes.  The closest dupe I could think of is the Lakme Black Satin Kajal – though its more of of a glossier black, smudgier, and the fat tip makes it difficult to
achieve thin, defined lines.  There’s of course UD Perversion, but that’s not available in India (*sigh*).

To summarize the pros and cons:The good:

* The colour – darkest black
* Perfect for those who prefer eye pencils with matte finishes
* Sharpenable, hence more hygienic to use.  Can be sharpened with any regular sharpener
* Creamy, soft and can be smudged easily.
* Once set, does not tend to travel around the eyes too much (May spread more if you have watery eyes)
* Does not sting my waterline and is contact lense safe
* Quantity is good

The not-so-good:

* Not completely waterproof or transfer proof
* May not be for those who prefer eye pencils with glossier/ shimmery finish
* Some may prefer mechanical/ twist up pencils as against sharpenable ones
* The price – like all things MAC
* It’s LE! Though its been launched and relaunched several times… Come on  MAC! Please make it permanent already!

Rating: A
Will I repurchase it : I am already considering getting a back-up!
Price:Rs 1100/-Would I recommend it : Absolutely! Infact if there was only one MAC eye pencil that I would recommend, Mac Feline Kohl would be it… ie, if you do not mind shelling out a thousand odd bucks for an eye pencil.  It should be available in MAC stores now/ in a few days along with the rest of the Fall Colour Collection. For those on a budget, the Lakme Black Satin Kajal  may be a good alternative.

About the Guest Reviewer
Krittika is a 21 year old and pursuing CA.  Originally from Bombay, she is  currently living in Chennai. Her  kind of makeup is minimal, natural and muted.  What defines makeup for her is this quote by Kevyn Aucoin:
“Beauty is about perception, not about make-up. I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself. You can’t put on make-up, or dress yourself, or do you hair with any sort of fun or joy if you’re doing it from a position of correction.

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