Mac Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish

Let me take you on a trip across the galaxy girls, Hop on while we investigate a new planet (or what looks like a planet) . Its made with mysterious mineral substances, has veins of blue  , beige and peach swirling right through it and has the most soft, glowy aliens who inhabit it . Im talking about MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Lightscapade, which is part of their Fall Colors Collection ! It is so pretty i would love to turn into an alien just to live on a glowy planet like this one! *Insert Jaaaduuu song in that wierd Jadu nasal voice*

Mac Lightscapade- The Color

Mac Lightscapade is described as a soft candlelit beige with shimmer and is a limited edition product. If you are wondering what the hell these mineralized skin finishes are  used for, its to be used to softly grace your cheeks as a highlighter so you glow your way to gorgeousness! On me, Lightscapade is more of a beige-white sheen which imparts a soft, subtle glow.You would think a beige- white highlighter wouldnt work too well on warm skintones , but this is totally bang on the money and will work across a lot of skintones. It doesnt look ashy or white on me at all- just a lovely, soft focus glow. Ofcourse the color you get totally depends on how the veining in your Lightscapade mineralized skin finish is, mine has more blue than peach.

Thoughts on the Texture

The shimmer in Mac Lightscapade is so finely milled that once this is on your cheek,  it really does look like your cheeks have that wet dewy look without even trying. Its the texture really which elevates it atop of other highlighters which can exaggerate open pores, this is silky smooth and so fine that it just dissapears into your cheek! Remember though, this is a subtle highlighter- you can as easily wear this during the day, as you can on a night out. But if you are looking for a full on high shimmer highlighter assault like Lakme Absolute Moonlit highlighter , this is not that. This is more subtle and wearable, but gorgeous in its very own way! Its slightly similar but not as frosty and yellow as  Mac Gana Blush. It lasts quite long on me (around 6 hours) which is much more than i get out of other highlighters , so it scores on that front as well.

Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Lightscapade Swatch

Wearing Mac Lightscapade Mineralized Skinfinish on the cheeks

Overall Verdict: A

Product: 4.5/5 , Pigmentation:4/5, Texture:5/5, Lasting Power 4/5,  (Packaging & Value) :5/5

Price: Approx 1500/- (Im not sure)

Recommendation: If you are looking for a soft, subtle glow that can as easily be worn during the day as the night then Mac Lightscapade Mineralized Skin finish definitely wont dissapoint! The texture is so finely milled and high quality, it just seeps into your cheek for a dewy, wet look! Love it!

PS: Sample provided by PR . Honest Review. Swear on the glowy aliens of Lightscapade.

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