Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil (Mac Fall Colors Collection)

There are some things that are better rich- Coffee, Men , and the Color Purple. While i can whip up a mean rich, creamy coffee for myself (the secret is to keep beating it till it turns white and then add cinnamon powder to it), finding a rich purple pencil that is a luxurious vivid color without bordering on black is hard to find. Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil fits that bill to the T!

So what the hell are Chromagraphic Pencils? Dont get too confused with the scientific sounding name. Mac says that these are basically multi use pencils. You can use these as an eyeliner, as a lip liner, to sketch body art and tattoos on yourself . (If you are one of those cheapy couples who write Raju <3 Leela on their hands this is perfect for you!). Some of the beige pencils can also be used as concealers. For me, Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil is essentially an eye pencil and thats about it.

Mac Rich Purple: The Color

Mac Rich Purple is a vivid eggplant purple. I am partial to purples when it comes to eyepencils and love to hoard up on these. While most purple eye pencils are like Colorbar Prunella– a blackened muted  purple, Rich Purple is much more vivid and true to the color Purple. I have to say, i absolutely love the color on this , and specially those with brown eyes i can see them looking all doe eyed with their brown peepers looking like pools of liquid chocolate with this on top. Brown eyes + Purple = Stunning-ness! Mac does mention that RIch Purple is NOT Waterline safe, so try at your own risk. I did try it and it didnt sting, but i dont want to take too many chances with my eyes.

Thoughts on Chromagraphic Pencils Formula

Now usually, MAC Chromagraphic Pencils are extremely pigmented,  decently long wearing with a super smooth creamy texture. Unfortunately Rich Purple lacks on a few fronts . While it is extremely pigmented when you swatch it , on the lids it does take a while to show up- im talking going over it about 2-3 times to get a smooth vivid line. It also has a slightly waxy texture which is strange because its the first mac eye pencil with that strange texture which makes it to go on slightly unevenly. In General the Mac Chromagraphic Pencils last about 5-6 hours  on me after i notice fading and this one was no different. The waxiness is evident in the picture below.

Overall Verdict: B+ 

Product:4/5, Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture:3/5, Longevity:3.5/5, Value & Packaging:3.5/5

Price: 900/- Approx

Recommendation:  Mac Rich Purple Chromagraphic pencil is part of the Fall Color Collection and is a gorgeous vivid eggplant purple that  is a stunning color. While MAC Chromagraphic Pencils are more like  A+ products for me, this one  lacked slightly  in the texture department (waxy) and was not as pigmented as other pencils can be.Still a good solid pencil though, that does everything an eye pencil should!

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand. Honest Review. Pinky Promise.

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