Grump. Grump. Grump. 

Thats me putting my Grump-face on. Its a cold and dreary morning in Delhi, my feet are frozen into some kind of popsicle (Foot ice lolly anyone?), my nose would put Rudolph to shame, and because of severe lack of sleep i am in my “Its too early to interact with human beings phase” currently. At times like these, i need food (eggs sunny side up with bacon and ham, baked beans on toast, pancakes & paranthas, waffles and juices) or i need pampering. Like the boy says i have a ‘PQ’ along with an IQ / EQ which is a ‘Pampering Quotient’. Since my mommy and the boy are both not in currently, i am going to pamper myself with some indulgent online shopping. Speaking of online shopping- been to yet?

Well i have and honestly speaking i was taken by a bit of surprise to see the sheer number of brands they have. There are obviously tons of beauty websites in India but few come close to the depth and range of brands in mMedplus. What all does it stock?
  • All the regular brands like Lakme, Revlon , Maybelline
  • Some interesting brands like Diana of London, & Nyx
  • Maxfactor, Bourjois , Chambor which i dont see in every other online store
  • Beyu- which i havent seen anywhere else
  • Givenchy is there. Hello?
Lets see what the little package of happiness looks like…

Whats inside the bubble wrap? Ill show you in just a minute once i finish popping it. *pop* *pop* *pop* God i love doing that. It takes my grumpinesss away. One day when i become old and  bored, and nobody is interested in reading my experiences with false teeth on my blog, i shall sit in the corner and pop bubble wrap all day. *pop* *pop* *pop*.

Both came tightly packed in that bubble wrap *pop*. Nyx lipsticks are so flimsy usually, whenever i order them online they reach me half broken so i was impressed that though this travelled all the way from Hyderabad , it still was intact. Delivery was really quick too . I received my package within 3 days of me ordering! They have free shipping on orders in excess of Rs 300/- but they have cash on delivery only in a couple of cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. They left us lesser mortals in North India behind.

 Perhaps the one thing that sets Medplus beauty apart from its competitors is the virtual studio. It is bloody brilliant! You can upload a photo of yourself or choose from a range of Indian models and try on colors on your skin before you buy! Super fun i say! I am so happy the models are Indian, most virtual studios have international models that don’t match with our skintones so i was ecsatic to see this. Well done medplusbeauty! Even though i am not sure to what accuracy it matches colors to the actual products, this is just a really fun tool, and once I’m done popping bubble wrap I’m sure i will be hooked on to this in no time.

Overall here are a few reasons to visit med plus beauty
  • A VERY wide range of brands including some different ones like Diana of London, Givenchy, and Beyu along with the regular fare
  • The virtual studio is a fun, fun place where you can try on stuff
  • Quick and efficient delivery service
I wish they extend their COD facility to rest of India soon though!

DIsclaimer: I got a 25% off voucher, but everything was bought with my own money
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