Montagne Jeunesse Skin Polisher Face Mask

Sales Shopping can be immensely stressful okay. Specially when some women INSIST on dragging their boyfriends to the trial rooms and asking him his opinion on every single item of clothing they try, ensuring that the trial room stays busy for an hour and you have to wait in line with a huge pile of clothes. Listen Missy, that boyfriend of yours is only  checking out the other girls in  line, and he dont know the difference between your ‘red’ top and your ‘orange’ top. To the male species- Red=Orange=Coral=Maroon. So anyway, after such a sales shopping experience where i waited in line for about 45 minutes, i thought what better than to de- stress myself with the Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Skin Polisher Face Mask. Made with cream and honey, this seemed like the perfect indulgence after a tiring work + shopping  day!

Can i just say, i want to be the girl on this face mask. Apart from the stuff on her eyes. That is just wierd. But she seems like she is in  this face mask zen state, and thats where i was hoping this  Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Skin Polisher would take me. I have to say, it did succeed in doing that.  It has these tiny jojoba beads (no idea what they are, except that i like them in my scrubs) and the rest of it is a lovely creamy consistency that smells of a  light whiff of milk and honey. This is one of those  “put it on- wait till it gets dry-scrub it off ” kind of masks and those are really my favourite kind! This one is even nicer because the beads create a scrub like feeling when you remove it.

I felt my skin was clean and refreshed after using this, and more even in tone. It definitely did add a bit to the radiance factor. Me thinks the scrubbing with the jojoba beads helped that along a little bit. Though the effect was not long lasting (my face was back to normal the next day), i could see myself using this as a quick refresher before a date night. Also, since i do have dry skin the creamy texture helped make it moisturized and soft. And can i also just say that it was immensely relaxing as well, i felt like i was on a beach in Goa and someone has got me a honey and ginger ice tea. The pack had enough for two rather generous uses, or if your face is as smallish (like a donut size) then this would last you about three uses. One thing about these masks is that because they are sticky, getting them out is a pain with the ones with the thicker consistency. This one was still easier but my Montagne Jeneusse Fudge Sauna Mask was quite a toughie (But also quite yummy).

Overall Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 150 for one sachet which will last you 2 uses

Where to buy:

Recommendation: The Montagne Jeneusse Skin Polisher is a nice relaxing mask that refreshes your complexion and hydrates it keeping it sot and moisturized after a tired day. The jojoba beads act like a scrub, and your skin does look more even in tone. Though the effects are not long lasting, this is definitely an indulgence i would want to try again.

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