Chain Belts, Gold Belts, Jewelled Belts for your waist!
The heights to which my pint sized mom can go to, to keep me from photographing my Bridal Trousseau amazes me. Remember how i said she had fears of evil eyes and all that, well she took all my sarees and suits and stuffed them inside a huge-ass black bag (im talking monster sized), and then went and stuffed that bag up very very high inside a loft i can only reach with a ladder. How a cute little punjabi package which is just about 5 foot in height (Sorry mom!- love you!) can achieve that, is totally beyond me. But she did leave my Jewelled Waist Belts behind, so i thought that i can definitely show those to you!

What are Jewelled Waist Belts and How do you wear them with Indian Attire?
Waist Belts ,like the name implies, are belts around your waist. They are usually made of strings of pearls , with kundan lookalike pieces in between and get wrapped around your waist and fastened with a clasp. On a saree, you wear these over your saree, just around your hip, slung slightly low. It just adda an extra bling factor, and makes it super stylish.

With a lehenga, you drape these on your tummy above where your lehenga skirt starts, and your dupatta that goes over your shoulder gets tucked into them.Sort of like this  but not exactly…


Waist Belt with Kundan Motif and Strings of Beads

I plan to wear this stringed one over my lehenga since the colors go so well with it. The strings are actually strung together in a ‘U’ shape, so it doesnt drape stiff and straight over your waist, it falls slightly curved which adds to its grace. I love the white beads on the belt too, it just give it such an indian princess look!
Where i bought my waist belt from: Bridal Asia Exhibition in Delhi
Price: Rs 2500/-
Waist Belt with Pearls and stones (to be worn over a saree)

This waist belt actually came along with a saree of mine. “Free??” i asked my  mom excitedly! . She just grunted and said- “theyv probably added thrice the price of this to the saree itself and they pass it off as ‘free’ “. Haha, i dont care i love it. It came with a shaded pink and coral saree with a stone work and piping border. Total Love!
Price: Came with a saree that costed 15K
Where i bought it from: Saree and belt was from Greenways , South Ex. \

My “Im not sure if i like this” Waistbelt

 This is a more modern waistbelt. Its strung in silver metal, and has amethyst colored square stones,with a large centre piece of lavender and royal blue colored stones. I feel like there are too many chains with this one actually so im not sure whether i love it, but it was a steal so i got it anyway. Plus it looked different online!
Price: Rs 700/-
Where i bought it from: Fashion and You

Shops that you can go to that specialise in Waistbelts.
The only one i know of is Malaga, they have stores across Delhi and Mumbai (im not sure if they exist in other cities) and  do the most stunning waistbelts iv ever seen with kundan and gold work. I didnt get mine from there because it was really expensive (the belts cost Rs8000/- to Rs 20000/-)  but i would very highly recommend that you guys check it out. Somehow their website doesnt list the belts which is a shame. I have half a mind to pick up another one but i think the pint sized mother will murder me. She will murder me anyway since i called her Pint Sized :p
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