Nyx Heredes Lipstick

Nyx Herades Lipstick Swatch, Review

As i watched the return episode of Pretty Little Liars ( OMG how unbelievably ridiculously amazing is that show- i miss it more than i miss the boy sometimes), my Nyx lipstick in Herades (Heredes? – its different on different websites) rolled on its chubby black tummy and came to a rest near my bed. It was almost pleading to be reviewed, so i hit pause on my PLL episode  and obeyed its command(Only two things can make me hit pause on PLL- my blog and chocolate).

Nyx Herades Lipstick: Mac Mocha  Lipstick Dupe?

Nyx Herades Lipstick is  a warm terracotta color. I  wont call Herades a dupe for my favourite Mac Mocha Lipstick (click name for swatch) , but its very similar. It has a tad more orange to it than Mocha has, but essentially both are lovely deep peachy colors that look great with our skin tones. Its a lipstick that will look lovely on darker skintones -almost as a nude but with a lot of life in it, and will be a deeper peachy brown for the lighter ones. I was concerned that Nyx Herades leans a little too orange on me, which is the feeling i got when i first applied it. But whenever iv worn this lipstick, iv had people ask me what im wearing on my lips, so i guess it works just fine.

General Thoughts on Nyx Lipsticks

I find Nyx Lipsticks to be one of the creamiest lipsticks i have tried and  to be very very pigmented , with great glide and slip.  They also dont dry out the lips and provide a comfortable , moisturizing layer. However they do bleed, and melt very easily (they are a disaster in the summers). The packaging is kind of flimsy, and from the inside most of my Nyx lipsticks are either bent/ broken/ bruised . They also dont last very long on the lips. 3 hours tops is the wear i can extract out of them. However, given that these are so affordable, you definitely get good color payoff and texture from them.
Nyx Herades Lipstick Swatch
Nyx Herades Lipstick Swatch
Nyx Herades Lipstick Swatch

Overall Verdict: B+
Pigmentation: 4/5 , Texture : 4/5, Longevity: 2.5/5, Packaging & Value: 2.5/5

Price: Approx Rs 316/-

Recommendation: Nyx Herades lipstick is  ‘almost’ a dupe for Mac Mocha Lipstick- a gorgeous warm terracotta color. It will look stunning as almost a peachy nude on very dark skintones, and a lovely deeper peachy brown on lighter one.If you are cool toned, Nyx Herades might pull too orange on your lips, so i think this may be one best suited for warmer tones. Nyx lipsticks are generally very pigmented and creamy, but their flimsy packaging, and the way they bleed and melt generally pull down the score!

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