nyx studio perfect primer Nyx Studio Perfect Primer Review

by Guest Reviewer Parveen

Hi Ladies !Hope you and your skin are doing great despite this horrible winter. Despite being a girl  who loved winters , I’m hating this one since my skin which is usually oily  is turning extremely dry.Stories apart, i am actually a fan of primers as what they offer are a dream come true for oily problem skinned gals by prolonging the foundation wear time. I purchased the Nyx Studio Perfect Primer  a couple of months back, and have been loving it ever since
My thoughts on Nyx studio perfect primer:
Nyx offers three varieties in this studio perfect  primer:
Nyx Studio Perfect Clear Primer for pores
Nyx Studio Perfect Lavender Primer for brightening
Nyx Studio Perfect Green Primer for redness i guess
I chose clear variant since i had small pores in my cheeks secondary to villainous white heads which removed manually when i was an imbecile teenager ! The main reason for having bought this was that both my full coverage foundations( mac studio finish and Lakme  9 to 5 ) oxidised and became oily leaving me dark at the end of the day with the foundation all but worn out. So, when i finally laid my hands  the Nyx Studio Perfect Primer, i was super-duper happy.This holy grail product made my foundation last 13 hours(maybe more) ,kept me fresh and beautiful at the end of my  brother’s marriage and made sure the foundation is applied on top of it in a breeze/
I am not very sure of its effect on pores, since my pores are too small to be noticed under a foundation but it made my skin soft as if its velvet. I loved its effect on me, specially when i apply  it on my bare face over a moisturizer , my guy says that i have a smooth skin( he doesn’t know, it’s this primer,he..he..) . Also  it’s priced at 12 $ but indian websites have it for 1600 i guess..what a pity!!
nyx studio perfect primet

Here is what i loved about the Nyx Studio Perfect Primer
  • Makes your skin smooth
  • Makes your foundation last long..real long..
  • Reduces the amount of foundation you use
  • Prevents foundation oxidizing
  • Reduces pores to a smaller extent
  • Can be used as an eye shadow primer
  • Has a nozzle which makes us control the amount of product coming out quite effectively
  • Photographs awesome..
Here is what i didn’t love about the Nyx Studio Perfect Primer
  • Priced at  1600 Rs  in indian websites which is ridiculous when its available for 12$ outside
  • Availability is an issue
Overall Verdict : A 
Price: 12 $ or 1600 Rs
Will I buy it again: sure..wana try the lavender one now!
Recommendation: Girls, the Nys Studio Perfect Primer is certainly a great investment especially if you party long hours or have big functions ahead or if foundations don’t stay long or oxidizes on your skin..try to get these if you can from cherry culture or some other foreign sites as the markup on indian sites is ridiculous!
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Parveen is a final year MBBS student at Allahabad. She says she is obsessed with makeup and medicine and at amateur at both! Well Parveen, i share atleast one of your obsessions!!

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