Olay Total Effects Facial Cleanser Review

Written by CSP  Ballal
If there is one brand in skincare which is a ladies magnet  with newer and newer range of products, it is Olay and Olay Total Effects is one such range which drew my attention easily. Olay Total Effect Facial Wash Claims to do 7 things. Remove Excess Oil, Get rid of dirt, Removes Makeup, Gentle on skin, Doesn’t over dry, Helps lift away dull surface skin, Non Comedogenic.

The face wash seems like a pearl in the palm. It is white and very creamy looking with a pearl like glistening shine. On washing the face with this face wash, it feels like a very light foamy cream being used on the face. It removes dirt and oil without making the face stretchy and dry which is great. It is also washed off easily with water, so you wont find bits of cleanser still stuck to your face. I have sensitive skin, and this works for me  without breaking me out.

Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser comes in a squeeze tube with a black plastic flip cap which is classic Olay packaging. It also has a nice pleasant smell to it which is not very overpowering.
The only claim I do not agree with  is that it removes makeup. I am very subtle with my eye make up. Even then it does not help in removing the eye shadows very cleanly. The shimmers of the eye shadows are left behind.

PS: You girls do know that you can get Free Olay Samples from the Olay website right?

Overall Verdict :A- 

Price: Rs 125 for 50 ml

Recommendation: I will definitely be repurchasing the Olay Total Effects Cleanser, it works great for my sensitive skin and washes of dirt and grime without leaving it stretchy. It doesnt remove makeup as it claims to do, but all in all is a great value for money cleanser
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