Pantene Pro V Repair & Care Potion (Leave in Conditioner ) Review
Written by Saranya

Every girl remembers her first crush, her first kiss, her first blush, lipstick straightener, dress..need i go on? The list is endless but you get the idea don’t you? Well this being my first post here I wanted to review first “hair care/beauty product” I ever bought apart from the normal shampoo, conditioner. Its the  PANTENE PRO –V REPAIR &CARE HAIR POTION (leave in hair conditioner)
Repair & Care hair potion not just helps nourish your damaged hair, it coats your hair with a layer of Pro- V formula forming a protective shield around your hair to provide protection against signs of damage that can be caused by dust, grime, pollution and the sun. Does not need to be washed off and can be used anytime, anywhere
.DIRECTIONS (as given)
1. Pour 3-4 drops of Repair and Hair Potion onto your palm for shoulder length hair. Adjust as per the length of the hair.
2. Spread potion onto both your palms.
3. Apply into your hair starting from the middle of the hair to the tips- do not apply to your scalp.
4. Do not rinse off.

Before I start reviewing the product I would like to describe the texture of my hair. I have wavy – straight hair. My hair is slightly dry and my scalp is oily in nature and my hair does get frizzy occasionally.

The texture of the product is slightly runny (when compared to a shampoo’s texture it is more watery in consistency) and easy to apply. It makes my hair soft for some time, which is around 2-3 hours and it doesn’t weigh it down and make it oily / greasy.  It has helped me tame my frizz to a certain extent but if you are a frizz monster this is not going to erase all of your frizz.  My biggest problem with this is that It does not help to remove tangles nor does it help to retain any moisture in your hair like any normal leave in conditioner should.  The basic job of any conditioner is to moisturize the hair, and since this doesn’t do that its a bit of a dissapointment in that department.As regards the claim that it protects hair from damage caused by external factors I haven’t seen any significant change in my hair after I started using it.

Packaging of the leave in conditioner is pretty good and sturdy and I’m glad that it is in the form of tube that is easily squuezable  and not in a tub form. It smells exactly like the Pantene shampoo and the fragrance does linger for a long time after application. 

Overall Verdict: B
Price: Rs. 97 for 90 ml

Will I Repurchase: No I will not because I want something that will help me with my dry hair keep it moisturized and soft.

Recommendation: It is an economical buy if you  haves mooth  hair that does not need much moisture or does not get frizzy. For other like me who need a solid conditioner to add moisture, this wont do the work . 
About the Guest Writer
Saranya or ‘Sara’ is from Bangalore, and she seems to have a keen interest in haircare! This is her first article hair and i can promise you there are more very interesting products to be reviewed from her side. Welcome to P & B Sara,  its going to be a fun ride!

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