vedic line lychee shake cleansing milk  

Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk

By Guest Writer CSP Ballal

 Vedic Line claims about the product: Shakes & cleanses make up & grease. Keeps skin soft. To use: Apply a few drops on skin. Massage gently for 2 to 3 minutes & clean it with a damp cotton pad.

My take on Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk:

What also helps is that the fresh smell of the lychees is very pleasant (if you like the way lychees smell, you will really like this) , and it lingers around for quite sometime. It removes dirt from the  face making the skin very clean and easily breathable, and at the same time it gives a softness and moisture to the face without leaving it tight. This one is very handy to be used when you are travelling, as it does many jobs in one- It cleans make up efficiently, along with being a nice face cleanser. If you are looking to switch up your cleansing milk then give Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk a shot !

The Cleansing Milk  is packed in a see through plastic bottle with a convenient  flip cap, you can squeeze the product out from the whole in the flip cap . The vedic line sticker on the bottles is slightly tacky, but the product inside does a pretty decent job!.


vedic line cleansing milk ingredients

Overall Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 110 for 100 ml

WIll I buy it again:  Yes i probably will

Recommendation: The Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk is a really nice basic cleansing milk which soothes and cleans the skin, as removes some amount of makeup and smells of lychee’s! If you are looking to switch up your cleansing milk then give this one a shot!

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