Wella Kolestint heat protectant review

Wella Kolestint thermal image dry heat protectant

Wella Kolestint Thermal Image Heat Protectant Review

by Guest Reviewer Saranya

There are days where I want my hair to be straight and it behaves like a rogue and when I want it be curly, it behaves like the most obedient child on the Earth. You get the picture so this where the task masters come in (straighteners and curlers). But over a period of time I realized that I was being very cruel to my tresses and therefore my search for heat protectants began. The Wella Kolestint Thermal Image Heat protectant  is the first and only heat protectant I have used so far.

WELLA PROFESSIONAL- THERMAL IMAGE (DRY) HEAT PROTECTANT CLAIMS  Keep your cool during thermal tool styling. Shields and helps protect your hair during dry stage styling with flat iron and curling iron.


Shake well and spray section by section at arm’s length onto dry hair during heat styling. I generally just spritz it on my hair when it is 90% dry and also use it again just before using the straightener/curler.


In just three words “I love it!!”  I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly but the Wella Heat Protectant is like water and therefore it does not make my hair oily, this is a miracle when one has an oily scalp because the spritz is fresh and light without weighing the hair down. It also has a Hold level of 2 which ensures my hair retains the style without looking extremely stiff like scrunchy gels can do , and it seems like its doing a pretty good job of heat protection- my hair still looks healthy even after the heat i impose on it!

The packaging is good and the bottle is transparent and therefore you know the amount of product that is left and its time for a refill!. The spray nozzle is such that it evenly distributes the product so that your hair is coated evenly with the heat protectant. I have medium length hair and I need only around 4- 5 spritzes. In terms of odour it is completely neutral – It doesn’t have a weird smell nor does it smell good. It’s something one can tolerate and the fragrance goes away after some time. The only problem is that the product is available only in salons and i wish Wella Kolestint did something about that!

Overall Verdict: A

PRICE: RS 525 for 150 ml

WILL I REPURCHASE? Yes. This product is always going to be on my list of things to have.

 Recommendation: If you’re looking for a heat protectant that will not burn a hole in your pocket or make your hair oily then get the Wella Kolestint Heat Protectant today!!! I just wish Wella would start selling their products in the retail market which would solve the problem of availability.


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Saranya comes from the city of Bangalore and seems to be quite a hair care enthusiast! If you are someone who is into skin or hair, watch out for more from her!!

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