Iv been so tied up with…well..EVERYTHING (Work, the blog, wedding preparations) that i am on this enormous backlog of pending posts. Before winter bids us farewell though, i thought i should give you guys a little peek into what i have been purchasing over the last couple of months or so. You know…you dont realise when online shopping starts being an addiction! Before you know it you have another cute parcel wrapped on your door and you think “Oh i dont even remember ordering that!”, with your mom giving you looks that could kill you.


Black Lace Top: From wholesale-dress.net (8$)

I absolutely love how this top fits me, and the picture doesnt do justice to its prettiness. The sleeves are all black patterned lace, and it flares out at the botto,

White cardigan with navy & Gold Detailing : Wholesale-dress.net 12$

I love th gold detailing on the cardigan and its also super warm! Not the best quality of wool, i have to admit  but looks great when worn anyway!

Flouncy white top: Wholesale-dress.net (6$)

Everyone needs a fluncy white top no?

Black Quilted Jacket : From a random store in Ludhiana Rs 3500/-

Adore. I love quilted jackets and i like that this one has ribbed sleeves so it fits snugly. The guy tried to convince me saying that it was ‘original burberry’ with the burberry pattern inside. I just looked at him and laughed.

Blue & White top with frill collar : From wholesale-dress.net (7$)

Its really not as mis-shapen as it looks in the picture. But these are nice basics that i can wear to work under sweaters and stuff s very handy

Cropped Jacket with Puff Sleeves : From wholesale-dress.net (8$)

Love this! I am a big fan of long tops, layering and then cropped jackets on top so thic cotton jacket is perfect. It goes with everything and the puff sleeves add that girly factor to it !!

Baby Doll top :Asos.com (8 Pounds)

I bought this ages ago but only wore it the first time last month. This is totally adorable, though it doesnt quite suit my body shape too well since its so flared at the bottom. But with black tights, and leather boots, this looks great!

Chiffon top with embroidery : Next Rs 1200/-

Possibly the favourite thing in my closet, this sheer chiffon top with the peter pan collar makes me feel iv stepped out for a walk in Paris. I love how feminine it is and i like throwing a leather jacket over it to add to the edginess factor.

Black Overcoat : From ONLY (Rs 4000/-)

This was a gift from the boy because he felt i didnt have anything warm. In his words “Your cheap china clothing that you keep ordering na, is all useless”. What i like is that it has a hood attached at the back which is so useful!

Printed Skirt: Wholesale-dress.net (5$)

Wore this for new years, but this skirt screams Goa to me! I love how flouncy this is.

Basic Green Sweater : Wholesale-dress.net (11$)

I own a ton of long sweater tops and this adds to that collection. My winter staple really is long sweater tops- jeggings/tights with a shorter jacket or cape along side.

There is a ton of other stuff which i bought but somehow cannot seem to find at the moment. There is this super stylish charcoal grey cape, some shirts and bags from the Mango Sale and new shoes!Oh well, maybe another post!! As you can tell, there is a ton of stuff from this website. What i would advise you is to stick to cottons and lace if you want to order form here. The knits and the leather materials are not as good quality. I usually get my parcel in 6 days flat if shipped via JCEX and within 30 days if shipped via China Mail!

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