Zoya Crystal Nail Polish 

Guest Review by Jayashri

What does the word ‘crystal’ mean to you? For me, it’s clear, pure, beautiful and unique. Except for the last two, those words do not apply to Zoya Crystal  Nail Polish. Yes, indeed unique and beautiful it definitely is but clear you cannot call it !!! Zoya Crystal is a part of the Zoya Fire and Ice collection, released sometime in the end of 2010. The polish is a light-medium blue with golden flecks, the flecks lending a foil like finish to the nail polish. It has the ‘denim’y(I just made up that word :P) blue color in it.

It is neither thick nor thin in consistency. It applies smoothly without brush strokes and dries to a foil finish. Unlike the Zoya polish ‘Valerie’ which Mehak had reviewed earlier, this needs two coats to achieve opacity with no visible nail line. But I did three coats as I found some bald patches. The colour in the bottle is exactly translated to the nails. It has decent drying time. It stays on for four days without chipping, without top coat. But there is very minor tip-wear at the end of the second day.

I have added photos in natural light and in direct sunlight so that you can see the shine in the nail polish.

Crystal oozes out shine in the sun and is sure to catch the attention of passers-by. It’s time to bring out the blue from your closet and add a bit of glam to it with Crystal.

Ease of application: Totally on the money!!!

Opacity: You can get away with 2 coats carefully

Chip resistance: 2 days

Availability: www.blab.co.in

Rating :A

Price: Rs. 428 (I bought it for Rs. 405(old price) with 15% discount on it) for 15 ml

Recommendation: Zoya Crystal is a beautiful blue foil polish with gold flecks and is a must have in a nail polish addict’s collection, its price being the only deterrent for me.

About the Guest Reviewer

Jayashree is currently doing her MBA from a reputed Indian College, and when she gets time away from those darned power point presentations, she is prettying up her nails. She claims she can  name ovr a 100 nail polish brands and is slowly adding to her collection!!!  I can only imagine oncee she starts earning how that collection will grow. Expect a LOT of nail polish love here on P & B  from Jayashree  !!! Loved it Jayashree, cant wait for more nail polish obsessed posts from you!

Editors Note: I absolutely LOVE LOVE Zoya Nailpolishes.  Apart from CrystalI also highly recommend Zoya Valerie Nail Polish for those who want to try Zoya !- xoxo, Mehak

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