When you have one hour to shop in the biggest mall in the world, you really run around like a headless chicken trying to find something you like. I mean seriously, i was like running helter skelter , getting lost at every corner and literally begging my legs to go on. In short i was ¬†feeling completely ovewhelmed by the sheer size of that Dubai mall. I did manage to pick up a few things, nothing too special but just random ¬†stuff i liked…

Peach Necklaces!!! I love Peach (Shocker, i know) . Both from “New Look”

  • Peach love Necklace :150 Rs
  • Long Peach Necklace with Gold Tassles :500 Rs

  • Black chained Necklaces from Forever 21 : Rs 240 Rs

I love that necklace , it is so edgy!! I wore it today at home , in fact i have an Outfit Post for today coming up real soon!


These were SUCH a steal, i felt so happy after buying them. I discovered this little store which sold branded shoes for less i think it was called payless or something. I dont remember what brand the shoes are originally from (i had to throw the box because there was no space left in my bag), but i just loved the wine colored boots (booties? is that what you call these?)

  • Wine Colored Boots: Rs 750/- (I know right..Total Bargain!!!)

My favourite thing out of alll!! My coral satchel bag ! I absolutely love this and just the color made me go like “NEED TO HAVE. NOW”

  • Bag from New Look: Rs 1200/-

And thats a wrap folks!!!! Did you like/love/loathe anything? What was your favourite part? An outfit post coming up real soon!

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