If you are a bride to be then these are two names you need to be familiar with. Malaga by Malini Agarwalla is a brand i have spoken about often for their stunning clutches as well as waist belts. The second is Pinky Saraf- an accesory designer who is also showcasing at WLIFW 2012 Fashion week and her collection is a very quirky mix of color and bling. These are some of my favourite pieces by both these talented ladies

Malaga Autumn Winter 2012 Collection

Malaga’s Autumn Winter line is “Chrysallis” and “El Dorado” and dare i say, these are my favourite of all her collections till date

Malaga Chrysallis AW12

This season Malaga is bringing crystal back with a bang. With its lustre, sparkle and allure, Malaga has tried to make a holistic collection to bring out the various aspects of crystal be it sombre sophistication or colourful playfulness. Their Satin mini clutches are styled to be a favourite for Autumn Winter 2012, with the bright colours and material making the bags go-to accessories, whether it is for a wedding function or for a night out on the town. The zardozi embroidered velvet bags with gold and white crystals appeal to the elegant side of Autumn Winter, with the crystal contemporizing the intricate embroidery set in the rich luxe of deep velvets. Another look Malaga is showcasing is the modernist take on the crystal collection. With the use of hard and soft metal meshes, this look is designed to give the crystals a more urban edge, with which they can lend glamour to any outfit.

Malaga El Dorado

 El Dorado is the legendary city of gold, developed in the minds of the Spanish conquistadors through myths and stories told by the Native Americans they encountered in the unknown world. For centuries,   El Dorado’s legend had fuelled the imagination and enticed the Spanish to these foreign shores. This collection is inspired by those same riches and is a veritable treasure trove of semi precious stones and fine leathers. Each bag is elegantly executed and well suited to compliment any formal outfit. The natural feel of the leathers provides the perfect backdrop for the Latin American inspired collection. The look and colors of the gemstones, set in carefully selected combinations on each bag, allow you to explore the fun side of elegant. They are combined in various combinations and set on metal frames, invoking the regality of the mythical city. The resulting effect is a set of metal bags that can highlight any outfit or lend the finishing touch to any ensemble.

Pinky Sarafs Autumn Winter Collection

Accessories designer, Pinky Saraf’s Autumn Winter Collection to be showcased at this ultimate frontier of style spans the range of accessories, from bags, clutches to jewellery and belts. An amalgam of contemporary chic and bold flourishes, it packs quite a wallop of trendsetting style.

The focus is on evening bags in stunningly textured fabrics in vibrant shades that are complemented with dramatic motifs in creative formation. Some have been accessorized to perfection, with matching belts and neckpieces to complete the vivid fashion statement. A line of box clutches embellished with onyx stones and enameled ceramic beads make for stunning arm candy. Made with the finest Italian faux leather, Italian PU, Indonesian cane, brocade and silk, the bags have been handcrafted with flawless precision. Each bag stands as a reflection of the woman it is made for – modern, stylish and individual.

With an intuitive understanding of what women today want, Pinky Saraf combines innovation and eclectic creativity to create exquisite designs. This journey of self-discovery began six years ago, when Pinky began creating bags for herself. Now a label with high recall among fashionistas, this brand name has travelled beyond Indian shores to land on shelves at stores across the globe, including securing some super-exclusive shelf space at Soigne K in New York, boasting the fashion world’s most chi-chi address, Madison Avenue.

In India, her creations are retailed at Aza (Mumbai and Delhi), Kimaya (Mumbai and Delhi), Ahaam (Delhi), Study by Janak (Delhi) and many others.

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