Waiting at the IGI Airport for the flight

What do you say when your favourite makeup brand asks you if you would like to attend their Spring/ Summer 2012 trends presentation in Dubai as the online media representative from India, all expenses paid? You say “OMGHHKP WHATTTT?? ME??? YES OFCOURSE I MEAN WOOHOOOOO”.. Actually, thats what i wanted to say, but since that would have made me look like a lunatic i just said “Ofcourse i would love to” and then went into my room and squealed to my mom (who by the way, was convinced that this whole thing is a scam by some sheikhs to get me to dubai and kidnap me …oh lord).

Basically, MAC Cosmetics has a bi annual “Trends” Event for Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter and every year they invite magazine editors and beauty bloggers from different parts of the world to attend this event. They try and get different people to attend every year, and this year for the Spring / Summer 2012 presentation, they invited me and i couldnt have been more excited to go !!!! *happy dance* While i cannot share more details about the trends and the presentation that is going to happen today evening, i can share with you some photos of my visit so far!

The sky scrapers in Dubai are unbelievable !!!

There is glitz and glimmer everywhere, even on buildings!!!

My hotel room!!!

A few reports by Mac. Agent Mehak needs to read up!!!!!

Some Samples from the Mac Shop Mac, Cook Mac Collection (Yet to launch)

My favourite part of the hotel- the little courtyard next to the golf course where breakfast is served. I just had cheese omelette with mushrooms and ham. Yum !!!!

Me going for dinner with the Mac Team- they are SO friendly, warm and hospitable!

Honestly, i have been blown away by the warmth and respect shown by the MAC Pr team in India and in Dubai. For MAC Cosmetics, Beauty Bloggers are as important as editors of high end fashion magazines and its such a refreshing thing to see !!! This is not a post where i am trying to brag, or gloat about this because the point really is not about how much money they spent on me to get me to to Dubai, thats the easy part. Its about the attention to detail and hospitality they showed to make sure we were all comfortable. Yesterday we went out for dinner and interacted with a very interesting mix of beauty professionals, some from Lebanon and Syria! (They love bollywood movies by the way and watch ALL of them!!!).

A huge thank you is due to my contributors (who  are kick-ass and i have lucked out in getting some of the most genuine, witty and talented ones) and to my readers (it never fails to amaze me that there are some readers who keep coming back for more…really, every new e-mail subscriber, every new follower is a huge thing for me). I wish i had more time here, but i fly back tommorow which basically means no time for shopping, though i did visit Sephora yesterday but didnt get time to pick up anything :( . I did however buy that orange bag yesterday and thats about it !!!!!


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