Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter Review

Lets face it. Bad Boys are a total weakness for some of us, myself included. The “Vanilla” Boys who are  sweet , attentive and hang on to every word you say are nice (though a tad bit boring) but there is something about a Bad Boy (who at heart is a good boy) that can drive you a bit crazy (in a good way).  I used to say Bad Boys are a bit like Coffee- strong, not too sweet and strangely addictive….but i think they might be a bit more like Spiced Vanilla. Subtle Sweetness but with a Spicey Kick-which is really what this Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter delivers. Heard that song? “If you wanna be a good girl get yourself a… Bad Boy!!” .

Can i just take a moment to say that i totally am, absolutely in love with the  Spiced Vanilla Range? I mean the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm was pretty fab and the body butter is no different. If i were Rachel Zoe i would be saying *I DIE* . If you like yourself to subtly  smell like edible things , specially christmassy edible things then the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Range is made for you my friend! The nice thing about it is that it is subtle, so dont worry  people wont take bites out of you (Hey, you never know). 

As a body butter, it does what all Body Shop Body Butters are great at doing- hydrates, nourishes, protects and leaves your skin all buttery and soft. The effects of it are pretty long lasting and you wont need constant re-application either. I do have very very dry skin, so i do need to re-apply some times but for all you normal folk once should be good enough. It is a heavier consistency  though so it might take a while to settle into your skin, but  it gets absorbed into it pretty quickly and soon you have velvety soft skin thats a dream to touch!!I dont know if there is anything i particularly dislike about this Body SHop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter, except that i wish the fragrance lasted for ages, which it doesnt. But apart from that, we have a winner on our hands! I know TBS Body Butters are a bit of an indulgence given the price, but the tub is really really big (that 200 ml REALLY lasts you a long time), so if you like skincare indulgences then this is worth it IMO!

Overall Verdict :A+

Price: Im not sure, i think its about 750 for 200 ml

Recommendation: Thick and Luscious and smelling of  Christmas, the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body BUtter is a definite winner for me. It nourishes and hydrates keeping skin soft and supple!

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