You know you have grown up when you need to save for refridegraters and microwaves and household furniture instead of the next Mac Collection. With the boy having moved to delhi, we have started to purchase a lot of things that would be needed in the future for us too.Sigh. Welcome to my life- which these days consists of these type of dialogues:

Me: ” This fridge looks nice. Its big too,  Samsung is a good brand. In budget. We can buy this”

Sales Person ” Yes maam and this has xyz type of feature in which extra defrost happens and this micro cooling pad will keep things fresh and moisture locking will ensure that the freezer control is always in balance”

Me looking blank , whispering to the boy “What does that mean?”

Boy trying to look intelligent till he gives up ” No idea”

Me calling mom on cell phone ” Mummmaaaaaaa what is a good fridge supposed to have”

Yes. Iv entered grown up life and im not quite sure im liking it!!!! I really feel like me and the boy are two little kids who are entering this big bad world of living alone and marriage and im not sure i can handle  managing maids and appliances and juggling my job and blog along side all that ! Phew!!

Bachelorette Trips

In other more fun news, i am off for a little Bachelorette trip with my girlssss Yipppeeeeee!! But god decided to play spoilsport, when just days before we leave for Goa there is now a “Decorum Agenda in Goa”. Apparently, since Goa elections are closed everything in Goa (Restaurants, parties, shacks) will all shut down by 11. I was pretty bummed earlier, but its me and my 4 close girl friends, so it will be a blast either way!! I leave this weekend!!!

As of now im packing the shorts i wouldnt dare to wear in delhi, all my floral print sundresses and ton and tons of skirts. I need a big , straw hat and i am sorted!

Engagement Rings

Dream Engagement Rings? Well something like the ones below but since these are way beyond budget i can only dream. I did once tell the boy that no matter what ring he gets me, ill be happy since its from him and i am going to stick to that (Though if you are reading this sweetie- Please  get a solitare. Larger than 0.50 carat will be preferable. Platinum, not yellow gold. Just a hinttt). On the other hand, i have actually already chosen the engagement ring for him. It was a no brainer. I called to ask him what he would like and this is what he answered

“Rings look  slightly gay ya . No matter what you give me, i will anyway just  remove it in a months time and wear a band that too if you insist”

Right. So it took me just about 15 min to pick up a ring which my mom thought was appropriate (I dont really have an opinion on guys rings. They are just…well..boring.)

Btw a little story about engagement rings. Boy is a big fan of Ayn Rand (i am too- i love Fountainhead). Anyway, he got totally inspired by Ayn Rands novel and decided he will give me a ‘clay’ ring. (In the book, the guy gives his lover a steel bracelet ) . Hmm, see i love Ayn Rand and her philosphy and all, but clay ring????????

Makeup Trousseau Shopping: Making some Plans

I dont really need a makeup trousseau , since i have quite a bit already. But why give up another chance to buy right? Besides right now i need to hoard on some  camera- friendly  and indian -wear friendly items.

  • Inglot Bridal Collection: I am seriously considering getting the eyeshadow Palette in this Collection. It has this range of coppers, brunt reds, golds and browns. Very Indian – Bride esque! Even if i dont get this. I am going to get a 10 pan freedom system palette from Inglot. Its much more pocket friendly than MAC and the quality is the same.
  • YSL Touche Eclat: Iv been using my moms since forever. I need a new one of my own now.
  • Good, Camera Friendly Dewy Foundation: I am leaning towards Mac Mineralize Satin Finish, but suggestions are welcome. Lancome Tient Miracle is another one i really want to try,  but dont know how it would fare.
  • Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter: Definitely re-stocking on this
  • Mac Mineralize Skin Finish: I dont use setting powders, but i will be needing one in all those functions. This is the only one which doesnt make my face look flat.
  • Need a good, rosy pink blush. Mine are mostly peachy orangey : I loved Mac Mocha in the Mac store and i also like a lot of those Nyx Cream Blushes…Might be hoarding on those!
  • Tons of Lip Glosses : I have a woe-fully tiny amount of lipglosses and i need to pretty ones asap!!! These i shall get drugstore ones- some more from the Colorburst/ Lakme Absolute Range maybe?
  • Mac Fix Plus
  • One Guerlain Lipstick (Because its my wedding and i feel like spluging), and one YSL Rouge Volupte/ Chanel Rouge Allure  if budget permits
Rest i shall check back on my stash and see what else i need to purchase.
Other Updates
  • My fairytale- princessy engagement gown has now been sent for indian-isation
  • Makeup trials are slotted with Bubbles Salon in Hyderabad, ill be there in ten days
  • My lehenga is due for arrival next month.  I need to get a second dupatta stitched.

Rest everything is looking good !!!!

UPDATE: Looks like i spoke too soon. The bubbles makeup artist , is pregnant and due in June . Just around the time for the wedding. So i am back to square one. Big freaking whoopie!

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