You know your trip is off to a good start when you get a seat next to a relatively cute boy on the plane. (Listen, that never happens okay- you either get crying babies, or you get balding uncles- or worst you get aunties who open their achaars and eat them). Im pretty sure we drove that boy mad though- he was in between 4 crazy girls!! Anyway here are some of the *censored* scenes from the Bachelorette trip in Goa!!!! I really didnt know whether i wanted to put these pictures up on my blog, but my friends were all like “When do you plan on featuring us dude” , so that kind of swung it. To my girls if you are reading this- Ish, Pigs, Avika, Ankita -thank you guys for a trip to remember all my liffeee (*KISSSSSYY*). To Rads and Esha- i missed you girlsssss!!! .I really didnt think this was a ‘Bachelorette trip’ honestly. So when i saw all the sashes and the crowns and the badges and the sunglasses with the “Bride to be ‘ branding, i was like WHAAAAA? All that for me?????!!!!! <3 <3 <3

That above is Morjim Beach, by far the prettiest beach i went to in Goa

Before the Banana Boat Ride

After the Banana Boat Ride

The night we asked the DJ to dedicate a song to the “Bachelorette Party girls” . He played “Dont Cha” by the Pussycat dolls¬†


 After a night of clubbing

You need beer and fries in Goa. No, i havent turned into a guy. Even non fry -eaters, and non-beer drinkers become converts in Goa!




To give you something to think about at night….

Thats all folks. Not really an update i know, but the next 2 weeks are major. I have 2 trials scheduled, i have my lehenga coming in, i have pre-invites going out. A LOT is happening, so wait for the next update- its going to be an action packed affair

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