A reader is also a part of the Bride-t0-be gang and is getting married in Bangalore in 2 months!  Congratulaaaaaattiiooonnssss fellow  Bride-Zilla !!!Can you girls suggest some good Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore for her??? Someone who does nice, clean, subtle makeup and not that cakey stuff all of us hate!!!!

Okay so rounding up our favourites from all you girls who wrote in, we decided to put all our favourite Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore in one place on our new wedding blog called Wed Me Good.  Check them out here: Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore

To list down a few, here  are the favourites:

  1. Ralph Daniels

He is one of the top names there actually- super busy, couldnt’t touch base with him when we tried to but a lot of bangalore girls have written in to us saying how he is one of the best out there. Check the comments below for reviews and reccomendations about him

See his work here: Ralph Daniels Makeup Artist

Price: On Request



2. Gouri Kapur:

Though one of the more expensive ones in Bangalore, Gouri has actually worked on a number of celebs including Deepika Padukone. I love how nicely she does the base for a flawless look, an the gold tones she uses are perfect for Indian skin. Take a look at her profile on the link given below !

See her work here

Price: Approx 40,000

3. Makeup by Rekha Krishnamurthy

Rekha’s soft glossy lips and natural eyes with neutral tones are a welcome relief from brides who have eyes that are super overdone.  She calls herself a complete bridal stylist which means if you need some suggestions on offbeat hairstyles of jewellery , ask her and she shall oblige

See her work here: Rekha Krishnamoorthy

Price: Approx 20,000

4. Makeup by Ramya

At 15,000 per function, Ramya packs punch in her makeup at a super affordable price point. I love that her brides have that soft, dewy glow as opposed to harsh matte looks and that her portfolio ranges from really dusky brides looking equally gorgeous as the paler ones.

Price: Approx 15,000

See her work here: Makeovers by Ramya

5. Makeup Artist Saviona

Another relatively affordable makeup artist reccomended by some of the girls in the comments below. Really nice base which is natural looking as well as lips. Also has a huge number of positive reviews on wedmegood which is always a good sign. One thing that struck me about hr portfolio was that the hairstyles were all really unique and different

Price: Approx 15,000

See her work here: Saviona Makeup


6. Sabrina Suhail:

One look at Sabrina’s profile and you will know why I love her. From gorgeous , glowing christian brides to innately indian, earthy, south Indian ones- Sabrina is super versatile and can easily go from creating a soft ethereal Indian bride to a more bold one !

Price: Rs 20,000 onwards

See her work and photos on our new wedding blog- Sabrina Suhail

7. Lekha Neelakantappa

Mentioned multiple times in the comments below as “Lekha & Meghana”, Lekha Neelakantappa is now one of the more popular names in Bangalore. If you are someone who is a fan of kohl, and the traditional Indian bridal look with kohl rimmed eyes and earthy lips you will love her.

Price: Rs 15,000/-


8. Kulsum Parvez Makeup 

From christian brides to traditional Kannada and Telugu ones, Kulsum’s versatility is my favourite bit about her. I think she pulls off a lot of different looks super well so you are in safe hands. She also mentions that she aims to go for the look the bride wants, which is always a good sign.

Price: Rs 12,000/-

See her work and photos on WedMeGood- Kulsum Parvez


9. Anu Chugh

Anu Chugh may be a newer name but she has won me over with her makeup style. From slightly dramatic eyes to simpler ones,  the neatness in her work is amazing. Plus she doesn’t charge a bomb at all! 12,000 is a steal for a bridal makeup artist

Price: Rs 12,000/-

See more from her here: Anu Chugh



10.Shalini Narayanan: Shalinis  makeup is clean, polished and understated. She believes in enhancing a brides skin first to make sure it is gorgeous and glowing and then focuses on the other features, a philosophy I totally agree with !

See her work and photos on our new wedding blog- Shalini Narayanan


If you girls know of more names please do write in suggesting us about more makeup artists in Bangalore !


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