Chambor Dazzle Purple Eye Liner 

Guest Review by Prerna

So let me put it straight – the Chambor Purple Dazzle Eye Liner is the most beautiful purple eye liner I have EVER swatched! The color is a gorgeous deep blackened purple with small little flecks of purple shimmer. If you absolutely detest shimmer/sparkle eyeliners, this one is not for you. I, personally, love a bit of sparkle sometimes . But the color being pretty dark, It looks almost black from distance and the shimmer is not too obvious or gritty. So you can easily take it from day to night.  It is quite pigmented too. This particular shade not as much as the colorbar eye glides, but still quite so.

What the company claims:
“Chambor’s New DAZZLE EYEPENCILS with its innovative formula allows smooth application and perfect color with a one stroke precise application. At a party or even for everyday wear the colorful dazzling pencil light’s up your eyes.” You can check out more of these dazzle liners shades here

As for the formula, I feel Chambor Dazzle EyePencils has one of the best formula from the ones there are in the market right now. The price is slightly higher than some of the other drugstore brands but I feel the quality is worth it. It never irritates my eye or causes any redness itchiness etc (Editors Note: Totally agree, if Color I Glides make your eyes red, then you NEED to get Chambor Dazzle Liners. I still LOVE my Chambor Brown DazzleI don’t recommend this particular shade on the waterline because of the shimmer particles but I did try on mine and it did not sting still! As the Colorbar Eye Glides and the Revlon eyepencils sting my eyes even when applied on upper and lower lash line  I feel Chambor is one brand which delivers amazing quality! (No, I am not paid by them!) Also, it is waterproof and does not smudge or budge once set! It can be removed easily with any eye makeup remover or oil etc.

Of Course, there are a few drawbacks too. It does not stay on the whole day on my slightly oily eyelids. After about 4-5 hours it begins to fade. It fades evenly though, no flaking thank god! (I experienced slight flaking with my Faces eye pencil ).  And this particular shade if applied on the lower lash line, the shimmer transfers to the under eye area after a couple of hours. It is not so noticeable though and can be corrected. However, I don’t think the other shades in this range will have this kind of issue. Also, these Dazzle liners are  non-retractable and cannot be sharpened. Hence, it may be difficult to draw extemely thin lines.

Rating: A

Price: Rs 480/- for  2.8 gms

No prizes for guessing that I absolutely adore the Chambor Dazzle Eye liner range and recommend to those especially with sensitive eyes and if you do not mind non-retractable twist up pencils. The price is of course higher than other drugstore brands but personally I do not mind shelling out on a drugstore brand if the quality is comparable to that of the high end ones. And if  Chambor purple dazzle is not your color, you should definitely swatch the teal (looks more blue to me though) one from this range next time you are at the counter. It is more pigmented, shine no shimmer and absolutely beautiful.

About the Guest Writer

Prerna is a ‘techie’ with a keen interest in beauty! Currently in between IT jobs, i am assuming she is spending all her ample time obsessing over makeup products. This is SUCH a gorgeous color Prerna, i am sure you have tempted a lot of  girls out there to get some of these. I am already a fan of the Chambor Dazzles and think every girl needs one!

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