Chambor Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Review

By Guest Writer Swastika

Who doesn’t like doing elaborate eye makeup when attending some social functions like marriages? While I love to put it on taking it all off when I return (almost always at an ungodly hour) is a big pain factor for me. Whereas my hubby changes in 2 minutes flat, which includes putting away the stuff he wore at their designated places I look on , dead tired and still struggling with my saree pins. So after I finish with the clothes, I am left with very little energy to take off my makeup..and the most amount of struggle happens with my eye makeup. In the haste I pull and rub at my eyes a lot.So in comes the miracle worker Chambor Eye And Lip Makeup Remover !

Chambor claims:

Chambor Eye And Lip Makeup Remover comes with Malachite Extract For Waterproof Makeup -A unique biphasic formula that cleanses the delicate eye & lip area. Rich in Malachite Extract, a stone extract with strong antioxidant & detoxifying activity, of elegant blue color which refreshes, soothes the eye & lip area while removing the make up. It even removes the most performing waterproof make up with extreme gentleness. Suitable for all skin types & is Dermatologist & Opthamologist Testes

My eye makeup vanishes in 2 strokes or maybe three…I can gladly say I am loving this…shake shake..rub rub and voila clean eyes! This has a dual oil- water based formula which melts all stubborn makeup (even water proof ones) and makes it all vanish. Yes, it is pricey but less expensive than MAC , which I was going to invest in but now I won’t. It requires a small amount of product each time and I am ready for bed earlier..the only con? It leaves an oily residue which I need to wash off or wipe off thoroughly. I usually use a wet tissue for this.

Overall verdict: A-


Will I repurchase – I will till I find a cheaper and better alternative.

Price Rs. 850

 Recommendation :Girls if you are looking for a solid  eye and lip makeup remover which is as effective but  less expensive than MAC go for does the job it is supposed to do really well. This is my go-to remover these days.

About the Guest Reviewer

Swastika is a marketing professional from Kolkata , who loves everything Beauty & Makeup. She is a regular contributor at P & B. This sounds really good Swastika, might give this one a go!

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