Love Earns a Broader Definition…

Press Note:A happier outlook has arrived!  With love, we welcome into our hearts Clinique’s Happy Heart to the Happyfamily.  Happy Heart, the first sister to the  selling Happy, is a full-bodied, floral fragrance that celebrates happiness in the spirit of love.  It captures the happiness the heart feels from seeing joy on the faces of your family, making a baby laugh, falling passionately in love, or noticing an elderly couple holding hands.

With the advent of Happy Heart, the original Happy fragrance evolved and takes a tender twist – it’s about love and the happiness this emotion brings.  “With Happy Heart, love is defined in a broader fashion,” says Vice President of Marketing, Agnes Landau.  “It’s about love for a significant other, a friend, a child, yourself, and especially love of life!”



Happy Heart was designed for the sophisticated, experienced woman who is in tune with the feelings of her heart.  She’s passionate, sensitive and values her relationships.  It’s about her whole notion of who and whatmakes her happy.  Confidence, a naturally-youthful attitude and a loving manner distinguish women who live with a “Happy Heart.”



Happy Heart is a compilation of notes created to stir the emotions of the heart.  Its first impression embraces you with a whisper of freshness from a crisp mountain air accord combined with a hint of mandarin and the wetness of cucumber.  As the fragrance impression builds, captivating the heart is the essence of a sea of flower petals.  Bringing a full-bodied feminine distinctiveness are notes of yellow primrose, wild carrot flower, and water hyacinth.  Notes of blond wood and sandalwood create harmony and balance providing the lasting memories that enrich the heart,” explains Raymond Matts, Vice President of Fragrance Development Worldwide.  It is comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere, whenever you want to inspire a happy sensation.

Echoing the inspiration for Happy Heart, the packaging is joyful and appealing, sporting a coral pink cap and box.  Happy Heart is available at Clinique counters nationwide and on


A Wealth of flowers

A hint of warmth

A deepening of emotions

Wear it and have a Happy Heart!

Price – Happy Heart – 50ml for Rs. 2700, 100ml for Rs. 4100

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