Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil Review

Guest Review by Dhara

A girl always craves having a dash of sparkle in her life and the new Colorbar I Glides provide us just that. Let me present to you the three new dazzlers on the block… The Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencils in Flirty Turq, Glowing sapphire and Amethyst Spark !! These super smooth, easy to apply and smudge resistant sticks come in about 12 pwetty shades…shh..don’t tell anyone..I have 9 ;) These 3 are the latest addition to my eye pencils collection. Now let me get to awesomeness of the colors.

Colorbar I Glide in Flirty Turq is a beautiful turquoise with fine turquoise shimmer. I didn’t give it a chance to flirt, I fell in love it almost instantly :p

Colorbar I Glide in Amethyst Spark, like its name is a true amethyst purple with purple sparkles which are quite visible on application.

Colorbar I Glide in  Glowing Sapphire, again aptly named, is a darkish blue with blue sparkles.

None of these are over the top, the delicately infused sparkles adding some dimension to the otherwise plain colored eye pencil. Though I am not a fan of eye pencils that need sharpening, I can let that pass for the sheer gorgeousness of the colors and quality. Most of the Colorbar I Glide  Eye Pencils last all day including these. The sparkle doesn’t travel all over the place sparing us the horror of looking like a bottle of confetti !! A word of caution- people with sensitive eyes, please don’t use on waterline. Sparkles may hurt your eye !! I didn’t test on my waterline as my eyes are Lasik operated and the medication is still on :(

These Eye Pencils in general are extremely pigmented, soft and smooth to apply with great lasting power. They go on in one quick swipe and deliver intense color throughout the day. Sharpening these can be a bit of a pain because they sharpen unevenly, but if you use the special Colorbar sharpener you wont face any such problem.

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Overall Verdict: A+

Price:Rs 350…yeah Colorbar upped the MRP. @#$%^

Overall recommendation: If you like wearing colored eye liners, then stop reading this and rush to your nearest Colorbar counter to get yourself the Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencils. These are super gorgeous, and very smooth and pigmented. Definitely hoarding material!

Editors Note: I LOVE the Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencils as well, specially with the new shades out, these are just stunning!

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Dhara is a girl who is slowly but surely being obsessed with the beauty and makeup world. She says she is crazy about makeup and specially nail polishes !. Rumour has it, she recently spent a five figure amount on the latest Mac Collection ! Shh . Hope her husband doesnt read this! I only say good going Dhara, more products to review for me!!!! *Evil laugh*

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