Faces Burnt Sienna Blush

Guest Review by Kritika

So let’s talk about Burnt Sienna. Burnt sienna is an iron oxide pigment. Chemically, burnt sienna is formed by burning Terra di Siena Naturale and blah blah blah. I’m sure you had started to doze off already. So I’m not gonna talk about that, I’ll talk about ‘peach and peachy’ because this Faces Burnt Sienna blush is the mother of peach blushes! Okay maybe not the mother of peach blushes, but it’s still very peachy and it brings out the peachiness in me :D I love some peachiness in my life, be it in fruit salad, smoothie, ice-tea, sorbet, martinis, on my lips and on my cheeks too.

Faces says – This highly-pigmented powder formula allows for an even and precise application. Use as desired to highlight, shade and contour cheek bones. The result is long-lasting color all day long that complements all skin tones. Can be used over powder or foundation to complete any makeup look.

Faces blush in Burnt Sienna is a warm peachy heaven in black pan. It comes in a black round case with a mirror on one side. It does not contain a brush but I’m glad there is mirror in there, makes life so much easier. The color is true peach and it really doesn’t have any brown undertones as the name might suggest nor does it have any pink undertones. It’s a warm blush that instantly lights up your face especially if you tend to look pale and have yellowish undertones in your skin. The color would look lovely in the whole spring-summer season and will suit most Indian skin tones. I believe that warm-toned shades like that of peach, suit olive-skinned beauties with dark eyes and dark hair more than cool-toned pink blushes. Peach really is a colour that I don’t have to try too hard to make it work on my skin. It’s the best lazy-day blush colour on the planet! Just open the pan, dip your cheeks in it and you are done. Not literally though. I don’t actually dip my cheeks in it :P

It has a fine texture, is decently pigmented which may appear sheer at first but you can build it by going back for more product .When applied lightly it gives a nice flush to the cheeks. It doesn’t contain any shimmer and I love my blushes that way. It’s a matte blush and works great as a day blush and would look great even in the night.  The only downside to this would be that it doesn’t come with a brush and that means you have to carry one extra thing in your makeup bag.

Overall Verdict: B+

Price : Rs.299

Will I repurchase: Yes, if I ever finish this. I’m quite impressed with this and would love to try their cream blushes too !

Recommendation: Faces Burnt Sienna is  a true peach blush that adds peachiness to your life and  instantly lights up your face!Definitely recommend it, specially at this price its a total steal!

About the Guest Reviewer

Kritika here is a girl who just started work, a gossip girl addict just like   me (though now i have moved on to greater things like pretty little liars) and  she has a lot more posts up her sleeve. I really enjoyed reading this Kritika  and you know what you can do with your Nyx Lip Pencil in Natural? 

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