Faces Glam on Duo  Eyeshadow Duo Smokey Look Review

There are somethings which are always better in two’s: Like Batman & Robin,  Like Ice Cream Scoops , Like  Lay Chips (No-one can eat just one) and Like Eyeshadows. I always find myself buying eyeshadows in duo’s or palettes or quartets. I just think its so much more convenient and easier that way to have four shades that sit in a friendly neighbourhood rather than a mono soldier. If you follow the same duo mentality then the new Faces Glam On Eyeshadows might just be the perfect little affordable accessory for you!

Faces Glam on Smokey Look  Eyeshadow Duo houses two shades for a rather quirky smokey look! On the left is a deep cobalt blue which reminds me of theBalms Bossi Bobbi Eyeshadow from theBalm Shady Lady Pallette , except Bossi Bobbi is much more shimmery and this is more with a softer sheen. Its a nice blue to have, because its not cool and icy like the pale ones that look ashy on our skintones, and its not those ultra deep ones which look almost black. This one is bright and retains its blue-ness if you will . (Im blue-da-ba-dee-da-ba-die). On the right is a pale bluish- silver which doesnt really have the metallic quality of silver, so its more of a blue-grey with a bright sheen. I wish they had really upped the amp and gone with a full blown gorgeous bright metallic silver with this one, to give a smokey eye that extra edge. With this bluish grey, i find the color kind of flat on my skin. However the colors  do work well together to create a blue smokey eye if you wish , and both are well pigmented.

I did find that though both the shadows in the Faces Glam on Eyeshadow Duo are well pigmented and blendable, the blue applies slightly patchy with a brush once on your eyelid and doesnt deliver true to pan color . It doesnt get loaded on to the brush quite as easily as other shadows can, but if you use a sponge tip applicator you wont face any such problems. Both of these have really nice , soft textures and they are silky smooth to apply .  Texture wise, there isnt too much difference between these and high end brands which cost 5 times the same amount! They also dont fade too easily, with  a primer they would last you about 6-7 hours without creasing so yay on that front as well!!! I definitely am eyeing the Faces Glam on Amethyst Duo. Arent the colors in there gorgeous? if those mimic the quality of this quad, i would be pretty happy!

Overall Verdict :B+

Product:3.5/5, Pigmentation:3.5/5, Texture:4/5, Lasting Power:4/5, Packaging & Value:4/5

Price: Rs 399/- from Urbantouch.com

Recommendation: The Faces Glam on Eyeshadow Duo in Smokey Look pairs a   cobalt blue with a sheeny bluish grey to create a blue smokey eye ! Though these colors are not exactly my preferred shades to use on my eye, for the price they come at both are decently pigmented , very silky and smooth in texture and last a while in place without fading as well. These are quite value for money and i can imagine myself picking up another shade in this range. I am eyeing the Faces Amethyst Glam on Duo!

Disclaimer:Product sent by brand. Honest Review. Pinky Promise.

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