My oldest memory of me is as a  chubby little argumentative 5 yr old, sitting infront of my mom and yelping as she made two plaits in my hair for school. I had really really thick hair growing up, they used to tangle incontrollably, every morning was a mother -daughter battle of pulling vs yelping but each plait was more than an inch and a half thick- something i kind of took for granted. It came to bite me in the butt about 15 years later when i not just started losing hair incontrollably, my hair starting thinning down…so much so that if today i tie my hair into a little pony-tail, its about as wide as frail cats tail. Which is actually better than a year ago, when it was just about as wide as a rats tail.

So how did my hair fall in the first place? Hair Fall Reason?

Honestly i don’t know.  I dont use heat on my hair AT ALL, neither do i color it but it all  started when i was about twenty and i didnt even notice it till people started comment about my hair looking thinner. I ignored it at first, but then it got really bad and there was literally so much thinning around the top of my head that my scalp was visible with a big bald spot if i parted my hair down the middle. It was developing into a little island on top of my head. I changed my part, but the island started developing there too ! Between all this i started tons of treatment that i shall talk about below, but one event that made my hair go from bad to worse was when i moved to Mumbai. A stressful work life, travelling 2 hours in an auto daily with the wind blasting dirt into my hair, and poor eating habits ensured that my hair was so limp, lifeless and scanty that one day the guard in our office, came up to me and asked me why i dont go for hair treatment, or get a new hair cut to give it some life.


Hair Fall Treatments I Took (Im not a doctor, i just have a medical hair loss condition and these are my experiences) :

  • #1 : Consulting the derm

Like all girls worried about their crowning glory, i took appointments with the top dermatologists in Delhi (i tried about 4-5)  and blew a ton of many on many sittings. Essentially what they prescribe for hairfall is a tonic called “Topik’ or ‘Mintop’ or some other solution like that. I used that for about 7-8 months before i gave up. I couldnt see any result, and it was a pain to apply everyday. It made my hair slick and oily and i had to go everyday to college looking like that. Plus i started developing dandruff because of these. However, these helped my cousin get her hair back so really its a question of what works for you

  • #2 : Consulting the Homeopathic Doctor

After the derm experiment failed, i went knocking at Baksons Homeopathic Clinique which showed me these wonderous before and pictures with hairfall. I took the Baksons treatment for about 1.5-2 years and after 1.5 years i saw a very very marginal improvement in hair fall. But the minute i used to stop the daily tablets, the hair used to shed again and i got kind of paranoid. I didnt want to be dependent on some medicine my whole life! Plus given the fact that investing 2 years into it made me see some very very tiny  miniscule results i kind of let it go not wanting to take medicines every day , thrice a day!

  • #3: Consulting the Gynaec

“Oh if its not an external condition, then its a hormonal problem beta” said all the aunties who came to my house and gasped at my hair (Gee thanks aunty!). So there i went to a rather eccentric Gynaecologist who ordered me to take a ton of blood tests (on freaking 1st of Jan- early morning after partying late the night before..grrr). When the tests came, they were all clean. A large percentage of girls today have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome- As high as one in three girls have this – like 4 of my close friends have it – and in some cases it can cause hairfall),  but i didnt show too many symptoms of that either.

  • #4 : Consulting wierd , strange women with wierder medicines

Ya  i dont know what got into me, but i consulted with these wierd women whome i heard of from word of mouth. They did strange things like put pressure on points in my spine, check my wrist , look at my leg- when all i really wanted to say “Look at my head dammit”. They gave me these really really strange pills too- i was to scared to put any of that into my mouth so i moved on.

  • #5 : Eating Healthy, Bringing Fruit & Nuts  Back, &  Vitamin Supplements

When i moved back to Delhi, my mom put me on a healthy diet. Making sure i was taking atleast one bowl of fruit and one bowl of nuts with me to work. I also started taking Biotin Tablets (Vitamin tablets that aid in hair fall). Both of these , combined with a healthier lifestyle now that i was back home ensured atleast my hair getting its shine back if nothing else. There wasn’t too much of it on my head, but at least whatever there was, there was some shine to it.

  • #6: Kamini Aunty: The Wonder Woman

After literally giving up on everything and having resigned myself to the fact that i will have to get a transplant in the future, a friend of my moms suggested “Kamini Auntys Clinic” who claims to not only arrest hair fall, but re-grow lost hair. I brushed it off and rolled my eyes. Then 4 months later, i met a friend of mine who told me about the same woman, and 2 weeks later it was another friend and another aunty…till really i was too intrigued to not go. She operates out of her house in Safdarjung, in a tiny little room , its not a posh or super clean environment and you will have to deal with waiting for 1.5 hours every time you go there. But, her concoction of Hair Oil (K30, K50, K100 are the variants…i needed K100 cos my sitution was BAD), Ginger Tonic & Herb Pack ensured that my hair looked more full and thicker. For the first 2-4 months i only noticed that my hair texture improved , then after that i noticed my hair fall reduced too by a big margin. And recently, about 3 months back i noticed new baby hair sprouting out of my head. I wouldnt have even noticed it, till i was complaining about my situation to a friend and she said ” But you have new hair growing from your scalp. Havent you noticed those tiny little 2 inch long threads  on your parting?”. And sure enough-there they were !!!!

Please dont ask me for Kamini Aunties number…google Kamini Keshika Clinic and you shall find it!

Other Styling Tips for Wavy Hair like Mine

  •  Embrace the waves- wash your hair and towel dry it. Then with a wide toothed comb only , detangle your tresses. Then use your hand and “Scrunch” your hair. After that, just let it be. Do NOT comb it through when its dry- you will lose your pretty waves/ curls.
  • Wavy hair needs moisture, so make sure you have a heavily moisturizing conditioner and /or hair mask
  • Always make sure the last rinse of water on your hair is with cold water. This controls the frizz  and holds the waves into place
  • Some Shampoos that worked for me: Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo, Herbal Essences Breaks Over Shampoo, Natures Essence Neem Shampoo (Love this one- but its SO hard to find it anywhere), Dove Damage Therapy
  • Conditioners that worked for me: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner, Loreal Liss Extreme Conditioner, Natures Essence Neem Conditioner, Dove Damage Therapy
  • Hair Masks i Love: Lush h’suan wen hua Hair Moisturizer is one i really like!!
  • Home Remedies: Not too many home remedies except maybe Mayonnaise on the hair is something that works in getting my hair shiny.


*Im wearing Mac Crosswires Lipstick & Revlon papaya Lipgloss in the Picture

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